Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mr. Hudson's Bay Dance and The Yule Ball!!!!!!!

Ah this weekend was literally all about dancing...I went to two dances! One was a school dance, but now worries it was appropro! and one was a church the form of a BALL! I've always wanted to go to one of those :)

So the first dance was at school, and it was a fund-raising dance for Mr. Hudson's Bay, an organization at school that happens every year. 12 senior guys do a mock miss america pageant....craziness happens :) plus the guys are ALWAYS good-looking!
So I went to the dance this year, and it was so much fun! Turns out my friend Danny is a really good dancer...while I am not a good dancer.... hahahah

And the other was a youth dance that definitely was the most fun I've had in a while! Everyone who signed up for a partner assigned to them, and my partner was a darling guy named Zach! We all just had a lot of good-natured fun! I danced with some people I had never met before, and it was truly an experience to remember! 
Funny story about my dress though...
I had one picked out, decided I didn't like it, so I chose another, then that didn't work, so with fifteen minutes until the dance, I grabbed one out of Nancy's closet, and of course the top wouldn't zip up so we safety-pinned it and threw a shrug over the top!
For the record, I hate shrugs...but the dress was still gorgeous :)

Outfit details:
Skirt-Dress folded under
Blue tights-F21

Love, Sarai

Friday, January 28, 2011

Stupid People who Cancel Plans...

I was suppose to go to THIS fabulous little morrocan cafe tonight... but SOME people like to not check their schedules first and cancel... go jump in a puddle and ruin you're snazy coat!

Our little nook!

Isn't it the most wonderful place on the planet?! This girl EMILY took all the pictures :)
And photo credit to me on this one :)

So now you see why i'm so bumbed out... And now I have to go jewelry shopping all by my lonesome! Well enough with my whining... I guess i'll survive ;) It's friday!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well He Thought I Was Egyptian!

I was talking to my dear friend, BENJAMIN, who happens to be Indonesian, and he was guessing my nationality....
His guesses-
Peruvian! BINGO!

I told him I was a half of something....and it just made me laugh when he guessed I still look that Asian? Hmmm ;)

Outfit Details:
Shirt-Forever 21
Jeans-Charlotte Russe
Hair-Curling iron and hairspray

Also, for anyone who watched Bones's official-I want to marry Lance Sweets. He's the cutest :)

Love, Sarai

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Making a Present for Nancy :)

Today was kind of a sad day, for one of my friends...but in respect to her privacy, I won't divulge why. But I was definitely sad for her :(
but other than that, my day was fantastic! Although I definitely was not having a good hair day....
Maybe I should finally get it cut??

Anyways, I was inspired by Keiko, who is adorable, to wear this outfit today!!
She tends to wear dresses and tights, so I kinda got excited when I rediscovered this dress!

Outfit Details:
Dress-Charlotte Russe

And this lovely unfinished bib necklace is my present to Nancy! I just have to finish sewing on the roses, the ribbons, and a few random pearls, and it'll be basically done!
Love, Sarai

Just a Bit of Silly and Sheepskin Rug Love

This is the Silly.


Look at the shoes :)

Outfit Details:
shirt: H&M
skirt: Romy
tights: Target
shoes: F21
pear bracelets: F21
watch: Great Grandma Bonnie's
sheepskin rug: parents bought in Italy

That first picture was my attempt at sexy model face. I think I succeeded... in a very not serious way. And I just put the sheepskin rug in my room over the weekend and i'm in love with it! Before it just sat around in the guest room all lonely and I decided it needed some lovin' which it is now getting lots of. Btw, sorry for the wrinkly shirt, i took photos at the end of the day and it had been hard on my very precious shirt. The shirt is my favorite thing at the moment. I bought it with some sweet gold metallic point shoe flats and black trousers for my piano auditions. My auditions were suppose to be in February so I thought I could last that long without wearing my little lovelies... turns out I can audition wayyyyyy later and save myself the stress! I thought to myself "I can't wait three months to wear this shirt!". So i reasoned that I can wear it ONCE and just get it over with and then stick it back in my closet on the very special hanger until auditions... *tear streams down face*  

Monday, January 24, 2011

Where's Waldo?

Let's I got comparisons to Waldo, a sailor, and a Candy Cane! Waldo was my personal favorite though ;)

I went thrifting this weekend actually...I found some great stuff that I'll post about tomorrow when I have a bit more time! 

So here's a funny story...last night, I realized I had way too much homework, so I tried to do the majority of it...resulting in me being ridiculously tired today. Not so tired that I was falling I was so tired that I was giddy!! Insane... So funny though. I think people were highly entertained to say the least ;)

And also, I've decided that my new show to watch, Being Human, on SyFy, has some of the most adorable male characters of all time! A strikingly good-looking Aiden, and a adorably-scruffy/perpetually worried Josh make up the male leads involved in the show. I have to say, for a BBC rip-off, it's worth watching :D

Outfit Details-
Jeans-Charlotte Russe
WATCH!...borrowed from my dad :)

Yeah I was definitely inspired by Sydney's desirable man-watch and I needed one! But alas...I am without husband, or even boyfriend, to buy one for me! Sooo I made do with Daddy and he let me borrow his nice watch :)

And this is just a cool shot of my Germany shoes, and the new tights I bought :)

Love, Sarai

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Licensed Driver?????????

Yes folks, it's official. I am now a licensed, almost eighteen year old driver! I took my test yesterday, and let me tell you-that lady was NOT the nicest person in the world. She was friendly enough before I actually started driving...then she was kinda grumpy :( But nonetheless, I passed! So I drove for my first time ALONE yesterday! Craziest thing ever...but awesome :) 

If you're wondering why it took me so long...well I'm super-busy so I just didn't feel like dealing with it.... that's all the explanation you need ;)

 Earrings I made on one of those nights this last week...haha

I'm pleased with the results :)

Outfit I wore today!!

Cardigan-Old Navy

Me being a lazy psycho today!!

 The other day...I was too lazy to care when the post just decided to crash....

Jeans-Wally's World
Cardigan-Old Navy

Love, Sarai

Oh, Nostalgia

Outfit Details:
Blazer: Found in my closet
Cardigan: AE
T-shirt: F21
Jeans: H&M
Boots: Alloy
Necklace: Juicy Couture at Nordstrom

The other day I found that picture of my sisters and I from back in the day. I think it's perfect! I'm the smallest one on the right. We had dressed ourselves that day so it wasn't very pretty but quite hilarious. Especially since I had stolen my sisters boots :) Still happens quite often. When we were little my sister tried to convince me once that I was adopted because I had lighter hair than everyone else. Not true! They're the aliens. Everyone on my dad's side started out with blond hair so hah!
I miss my sisters a lot right now. They both live in Bellingham in an awesome house with two kitchens! We were always being silly and making little mud pies in the back yard when we were wee ones. I miss those days.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cupcakes, Cupcakes, we all scream for Cupcakes!

This weekend Sarai and I made nummy cupcakes! The recipe was suppose to be "Strawberry Cupcakes" but we're creative and made them Raspberry instead! The frosting kind of failed so I didn't post the finished product. No one needs to see that sticky mess. Other than that though they tasted great!
And that right there my friends is a picture of Sarai and her obsession with that bag. It's bad. She doesn't realize she does it but she keeps that thing on indoors. We were at a show my friend's band was playing at and she had that sucker across her shoulder 90% of the time. No lies. She'll probably kill me for putting this picture up but it's worth it :)