Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Afternoon in Portland


outfit details:
coat: borrowed from Britta
shirt: charlotte rusee
scarf: homemade
hat: F21
jeans: guess via Buffalo Exchange
boots: borrowed from Sarai
red lips courtesy of covergirl lip stain (highly recommended!)

I finally got to Portland for my lesson and of course there was rain rain rain. But here is my lovely Portland State University. There are a lot of old unique buildings but I ran out of time to get pictures of those lovelies. Maybe another day when it isn't pouring down on me.
Notice that picture up there on the left? and notice how you can't really tell where exactly i'm looking? Well... I have a condition called Strabismus. I don't even know how to spell it but it's obnoxious! It's pretty much like having TWO lazy eyes. A few years ago i had muscle corrective surgery on my left eye so i have this awesome scare on my EYE BALL! whoaaahhh! It's pretty sweet. Now i just need surgery on my other eye and we're set! For now enjoy the pictures where i look CRAZY!

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Michelle said...

i love homemade scarves! i wish i could knit/had a wonderfully talented friend who would knit for me lol :)