Monday, January 3, 2011

And Welcome to the New Year!!

On Nancy: lace tee-Target; Skirt-Homemade; Shoes: Payless. On Sarai: Lace cardigan-Target; Skirt-Forever 21 (originally a dress)....Notice the random headband on the doorknob. I bought that for Nancy for Christmas this year!

Us being absolute weirdos!!

 Happy New Years! Yes it's late, but we just started this blog! 
So obviously, this is a blog about two best friends....
They (we) live in Vancouver, Washington, where it rains all the time...except of course today

The one with the lighter brown hair and big blue eyes is Nancy

The other, me, is Sarai

And this is our blog about fashion, and our lives.
So for new years, we went to our own party. We were actually the only ones dressed up, but who cares? It was fun. And honestly, we actually did NOT mean to match. It just happened that way. Really.


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