Thursday, January 6, 2011

Awkward photo shoots with a self-timer commence.

I hate taking pictures of myself. It feels quite awkward and there isn't time to dance around and get comfy... but i will have to live until Sarai and I can get together.

Recognize the top? Yes, that is the shirt Sarai was wearing yesterday. hehehe :) we have awesome clothing swaps about once or twice a week. Anyway, i just had to take pictures of the accessories. They're the best part! And notice that little cut on my forehead? Wellll, a little three year-old named Nick decided to hit me in the head... NOT FUN!

Notice these little lovelies. I looove them. Sarai got them for me while she was in Peru over the summer. Notice she has brown skin? ;)
Look past my strange lounge attire and look at the scarf on my head! I found it in my great grandmother's closet along with a lot of other pieces i have. I can't wait until summer for all of the outfits i have planned for this sucker.

Well, have a fabulous week! and hooray the weekend is almost here!


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