Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Boys and Dress Coats

So I didn't have a very exciting outfit today. It was more the really random, you just threw on stuff that might not match but who cares kind of day. So no pictures for me! But! I did have a thought to share... Boys and dress coats. It rocks. They spice up a usual guy outfit (aka jeans and t-shirt) or just make them look super classy with dress clothes. I think more guys should appreciate the dress coat and how awesome they are. Along with the marf  (hehe)... Ok, i'll be normal. The scarf. It's fabulous. All of this thoughtfulness about boy clothing was inspired by my friend today who wore a very snazy dress coat.

I also wanted to share some interesting facts about my house. It was built in 1943 so there's random attic storage things in my attic room, bolted shut doors in the closet, two closet in every room!, and a harry potter room in the basement. It rocks! Plus the ceilings in our front room and dining room are rounded. whhhaaattt! We've lived here for less than a year so please excuse my enthusiasm. It gives me a lot of inspiration for my styling likes. And that is my room in all it's christmas light glory and a little shot of my bathroom which use to be a closet.

WARNING!! Sarai and I have this weird telepathy thing going on so if there are times when our outfits are VERY similar like yesterday, it was not planned! along with the fact we can say two sentences word for word the same at the exact same time while starring at eachother freaking out because it's so weird. It just happens. Accept it.



_kArLy[*] said...

hahah just stopping by! love the blog!
suuuper cute! :]

Hope Adela said...

oooh wow your house sounds incredible! what do you mean by a harry potter room? (seeing as i am a harry potter nut lol)


Sarai and Nancy said...

ya know how Harry Potter's bedroom was the room underneath the stairs? yeah, we have one of those :)

Thanks for looking at our blog guys!