Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Church Dodgeball :P

Today the young men and young women decided to play dodgeball...suffice to say, I HATE DODGEBALL. I enjoy almost every other activity, but I sincerely dislike dodgeball. It makes me feel awkward, and I'm always the kid who gets hit in the face by the strongest kid in the group. Sooo I sat on the stage and talked to my friend the whole time :)


Anyways, I decided I wanted to wear a skirt today, so I grabbed some random stuff and went for it! Also, we all thought there would be a two-hour late start, and we were excited, but it did not yeah. My hair looks terrible since I did NOTHING to it today except throw it up with a headband!!

Shirt-Charlotte Russe Tanktop-aeropostale Tights-borrowed Mocs-Wal-mart Necklaces-Thrifted Flower-Homemade

I got this flower idea from another blog!! It's probably going to be one of my new favorite hair accessories!

I really loved this random cool shot of my necklaces! Haha I'm a picture nerd :)

Love, Sarai

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stringguynotfungi said...

yes, but this time *I* was the one that got hit in the face.. good times :)

<3 Nick