Monday, January 3, 2011

First Outfit Post: Sarai

I call Dibsies on the first outfit post :)
Today was the first day of school after break. Everything technically went fine. But seriously, I'm so done with school. I think I'm more ready for say, college? ;)
So this first set of pictures is my outfit from today
The second set is my outfit from yesterday, at church
The third set is my outfit from a long time ago...well not that long ago. It was only a few days before break after all.
Lace Cardigan: Target; Tanktop: Forever 21; Jeans: Charlotte Russe; Boots: Target (Christmas present)

Shirt: Forever 21; Necklace: Thrifted; Skirt: Thrifted; Tights: Forever 21; Boots: Target
Shirt: Forever 21; Purple pants: Forever 21; Scarf: Homemade; Ballet Slippers: Nancy's closet

  And these lovlies :) These little genuine ballet slippers are technically from Nancy's closet...but she gave them to me ;)

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