Monday, January 3, 2011

Frozen, Dead, and Frozen

I don't want to be downer on my first post but this was a stupid first day back from break. Of course I was running later than I would like too and my car is covered in ice. So I jump in and turn the key... guess what? nothing happens. at all. I was determined to get to school because I did not wake up for nothing! I ended up calling my friend who came and picked me up.
Anyway, the little girl my mom does daycare for has got to be the cutest little thing! She's five and already does her "fashion poses"
Here is my semi awkward outfit from today. sorry in advance for the random cord in the picture.

Top: target Cardigan: Charlotte Russe Scarf: stolen from friend Celeste Jeans: Forever21 Boots: Alloy

So on Sunday we were suppose to take pictures of our outfits but i was a little lazy pazy and instead decided to change out of my perfectly adorable outfit and look like this!
Glasses: Guess (mhmmm.) Ugly Holiday Sweater: WalMart Jingle Bells: sewn by my mother

Actual Outfit!!
top: Romy skirt: Romy shoes: borrowed from Sarai bracelets: forever21 earrings: gifted

I hope you all had a better first day back than i did!



Sarai and Nancy said...

I love your outfit, just so ya know

sisters4saymoreismore said...

super cute blog guys! my sisters and i died for all that lace stuff target did (i think i have that same cardi from the other post!) you guys are awesome!


Sarai and Nancy said...

Oh my gosh, I know! We both got really into lace this year-it's one of our new obsessions actually.
Thanks so much! :D I'm glad you checked us out!