Monday, January 10, 2011

I Like Boys!

I thought the boy title was appropriate since i will be posting a few pictures of boys today! Plus, boys are just fabulous.  And Sarai is still little Miss Devil since now that i've worn the boots i never want to give them back! The boots are just wonderful aren't they? *insert nancy's sad face*

Anyway, my friend Daniel and I were selected to go to a World Languages Conference at the University of Washington in Seattle so today we had to fill out the list of classes we wanted to take. They were awesome! I'm a bit of a language nerd and i'm taking german and spanish. I wish i could take french too... but i don't have time. So! One of the classes were "Modern Italy: Fashion, Food, and Culture". It was number one on my list! So in about two months you will be seeing pictures and tons of ideas from this! We also get to sit in on one of the actual language classes there and I chose Japanese and I think Latin. woot! woot!
Daniel and I a little too excited to do any actual German
Sterling and his dress coat trying to be sexy but failing.


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Meredith said...

i've so got those boots. thanks to goodwill! we're pretty much footwear twins. yeah yeah! ;)