Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just a Bit of Silly and Sheepskin Rug Love

This is the Silly.


Look at the shoes :)

Outfit Details:
shirt: H&M
skirt: Romy
tights: Target
shoes: F21
pear bracelets: F21
watch: Great Grandma Bonnie's
sheepskin rug: parents bought in Italy

That first picture was my attempt at sexy model face. I think I succeeded... in a very not serious way. And I just put the sheepskin rug in my room over the weekend and i'm in love with it! Before it just sat around in the guest room all lonely and I decided it needed some lovin' which it is now getting lots of. Btw, sorry for the wrinkly shirt, i took photos at the end of the day and it had been hard on my very precious shirt. The shirt is my favorite thing at the moment. I bought it with some sweet gold metallic point shoe flats and black trousers for my piano auditions. My auditions were suppose to be in February so I thought I could last that long without wearing my little lovelies... turns out I can audition wayyyyyy later and save myself the stress! I thought to myself "I can't wait three months to wear this shirt!". So i reasoned that I can wear it ONCE and just get it over with and then stick it back in my closet on the very special hanger until auditions... *tear streams down face*  

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