Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Mom splashed spaghetti sauce on me today, and my english teacher said I'm connected

Hello Lovelies!

Today was such a wonderful day, despite the aforementioned spaghetti incident...
she claims it was an accident, yet she was laughing, so I remain suspicious...

Anyways, today was good. Nothing crazy happened, it was just a good day :D
Plus, I carried a camera around today to take pictures of fashion things that I liked today

Oh but something funny that happened today:

My english teacher, Mrs. Hanson, is kinda crazy...not in a bad way, just kinda insane...
when Dan mentioned energies, and how in the book he had read the people talk about energies and the crazy things that happen, and how they can see each others' energies, and Mrs. Hanson is apparently an EXPERT on the subject! She read my energy and said that I am very connected, and grounded, and all that jazz. She said I had good energy :) I was pleased with myself, even though I don't know how she knew that hahahaha

OH, and this is my outfit for today...and this picture accidentally turned out really cool...I like it :)

Blazer-Nancy's; Western shirt-Target; Jeans-Thrifted; Pearl necklace-Thrifted; Coin necklace-Forever 21; Moccasins-Wal-mart

And all of these lovely pictures are from my day today-I took pictures of people at school wearing things that I loved fashion-wise :)

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Kimmy in her amazing ensemble! So classic
Elizabeth's lion tee...I have a thing for animal shirts...
Jessica and her formerly purple, now pink hair ;)
Kira's PERFECT pearl necklace! Jealous!
Ava in a lovely lace know how I am about lace!
Hannah's handmade necklace
Kira's outfit! Cute!
Hannah's lime shoes
Clarissa's headband that I covet
And my crazy english teacher's classy pearl necklace ;)


XOXO Sarai

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Kira_Lynn said...

Hah. After her saying you're grounded and whatnot...
"BULL S***!!!!" Hahaha! How dare she say I'm so UNgrounded!! >.< Hah. I love Hanson though, so it's all good. ;P
Ahhh! My necklace!!!!!!! And outfit!!! xD