Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Pottery Project Broke, and my Calculus Teacher is INSANE....

I'm pretty sure it's a terrible feeling when a pottery project you've been working on for a while, making it absolutely perfect, breaks when you pick it up. It sucks, just so you know. But in the spirit of not being a downer, I simply decided I would just have to survive and make a new one...which I started, today.
It's definitely not as good, but it's not awful by any means.

Also, my calculus teacher is kinda strange....he's funny, but he likes to randomly call on me during class, thinking that I'm not paying attention, when really I am, and then he calls me weird things...like one time he was like "Buenos dias senorita!" and yesterday he called me "Dear Friend"...
I don't know, the guy is strange....
(Although he is attractive....)

And this is my outfit today!

Cardigan-Thrifted; Belt-Gifted; White tee-Old Navy?; Scarf-Gifted; Jeans-Thrifted; Boots-Thrifted

You can't see the outfit very well, but I just was not looking photogenic today at all, so yeah....

See I actually got my inspiration from a post by Elaine at Clothed Much, who is adorable! She was wearing this super-cute outfit a few months ago, and I saw it and really wanted to try it. I think it would've turned out a lot better if I had been wearing black jeans, but I don't have any yet...maybe soon though :D
Check out Elaine's blog! 
and the post that inspired me:

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