Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sarai has turned into the Devil

It's really hard to stay strong and on the right path when your best friend leads you astray. Here is the story of Sarai's transformation into something evil.

One day, Nancy convinces her sister to buy this fabulous lace shirt because it looks amazing on her. So sister buys the shirt. Then at Christmas time when sister comes home for a visit, she brings the shirt to Nancy because she believes it is in better care with her since it's so fragile. Nancy graciously accepts. Then, on New Year's Eve Nancy wears this same lace shirt to a party her and Sarai go to. Sarai falls in love. It's unrequited love just so you know. The shirt does NOT love her back. Then, Saturday night Sarai asks Nancy if she can borrow this most beloved shirt. Nancy of course says "No you psycho. It's my sister's!" (This is where it gets intense) Sarai then gets out of the car and says "I will find a way! and i'm coming to your house tomorrow to get it". Nancy just blows her off and drives away thinking she's the craziest person alive. Sunday afternoon rolls around and Sarai gives Nancy a call. "Nancy, I have a proposition for you. You can borrow my fabulous tan boots with the red zipper if you let me borrow the shirt"  Nancy of course can't refuse and is coerced into agreement. She just became Satan.

So tomorrow you will be seeing pictures of me in the boots!!! wohoooo!!! But of course it came at a price...

dress: Romy tights: Target shoes: Ross headband: gifted necklace/broach: found in house

The babies and me were goofing off outside in the rain of course! Look at Sophia's adorable red coat! I love it! And this was the first time in about three months i put on a sweatshirt. It is a rare occurence.

P.S. Pray for the snow to actually come!! 

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