Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Telepathy Reigns Supreme!!

So here's the thing: Nancy and I have been friends for like, what, fourteen years?? And she mentioned before that we have telepathy...
Well here's proof that we have telepathy, via my conversation with Cat only five minutes before my text conversation with Nancy:

Cat: hey I got this great mint green nail polish! 
Me: oh i love it!
Cat: I also got this super-pretty light pink!
Me: Ahhh! I want to own that! I have to tell Nancy that we should buy some!

Five minutes later:
Nancy: Hey so blah blah blah  we should definitely get some light pink nail polish!
Me: Dude!! I just looked at Cat's light pink nail polish and told her I wanted some!
Nancy: Telepathy moment!!

So there you have it folks

 Also this is my outfit for today!
In these photos you can see I was trying to be cute and pose all crazy like Sydney...success? or failure? ;)

Flowers-gifted; shirt-thrifted; jeans-Charlotte Russe; Ballet slippers-Closet

And these are the GORGEOUS flower hair clips Nancy bought me for Christmas! yay :D


Nicole... given said...

cute outfit. love the shirt.

Sarai and Nancy said...

aww thanks so much :D and thank you for checking out our blog!