Monday, January 10, 2011

Well Colin Ruined Everything...

Nancy's piano teacher, Colin, getting sick should have no effect on my life, correct??
Too bad it definitely did today. We had plans to switch back her shirt and my boots today on her way to her piano lesson. But Colin got sick, so lessons got canceled. I know it's probably not his fault he got sick, but it annoys me anyways.

Which is stupid...but whatever :P

Anyways, Nancy was wrong about the lace shirt not loving me. It definitely loves me, so she MUST be crazy!!! ;)

Flowers-gifted shirt-borrowed jeans-thrifted slippers-closet

Can I just say Nancy picks out the best christmas presents ever??  These FLOWERS! They're my favorite hair items now :)

And tomorrow I will be wearing Nancy's leather jacket!! I'm pretty excited since I've never borrowed it before :)

Hope that everyone's monday was fantastic by the way! Mine was so amazing! Two hour late start anyone?? Aww yeeah! ;)

So yes, today was perfect, until I got the news about Colin falling ill....idiot

Love, Sarai


Sarah loves it all said...

You look ballerina chic!!

Sarai and Nancy said...

Awww that is the PERFECT way to describe this look! You're fantastic! Thanks :)