Friday, January 7, 2011

When babies don't want to fall asleep....

Well Nancy and I were babysitting together tonight....Everything was going just fine with three of the kids. The two year old however, seems to have an aversion to sleeping. We put her to bed at seven o'clock, and by ten thirty when her parents got back she STILL was not asleep. It was exhausting. And ridiculous. But she's still cute :)

Anyways, this was my outfit today-Kinda boring, but I was focusing on my hair and makeup so that's fine!

scarf-thrifted; tee-Forever 21; Cardi-borrowed; Jeans-Forever 21; Shoes-Gifted
 haha and nancy took that while we were babysitting...awesome ;p

 And these are my sexy boots I got for Christmas!!!

Also, these are two pictures I took of myself which I really liked...

 And last but not least, my inspirations for the day!!!

First-My own bag ;)

 Then Michaela's super-cute tights and Emily's ring!!

And last but not least, my darling friend Ryan looking like Waldo today ;) I had to sneak this picture cause he did NOT want it taken :)
I really admire that he's a guy who can dress well...nice

Love, Sarai


ProperPosture said...

lovely boots :) enjoy the new year

check me out at

Sarai and Nancy said...

Thanks so much :) Favorite christmas presents hahaha
And right back at you!