Monday, January 24, 2011

Where's Waldo?

Let's I got comparisons to Waldo, a sailor, and a Candy Cane! Waldo was my personal favorite though ;)

I went thrifting this weekend actually...I found some great stuff that I'll post about tomorrow when I have a bit more time! 

So here's a funny story...last night, I realized I had way too much homework, so I tried to do the majority of it...resulting in me being ridiculously tired today. Not so tired that I was falling I was so tired that I was giddy!! Insane... So funny though. I think people were highly entertained to say the least ;)

And also, I've decided that my new show to watch, Being Human, on SyFy, has some of the most adorable male characters of all time! A strikingly good-looking Aiden, and a adorably-scruffy/perpetually worried Josh make up the male leads involved in the show. I have to say, for a BBC rip-off, it's worth watching :D

Outfit Details-
Jeans-Charlotte Russe
WATCH!...borrowed from my dad :)

Yeah I was definitely inspired by Sydney's desirable man-watch and I needed one! But alas...I am without husband, or even boyfriend, to buy one for me! Sooo I made do with Daddy and he let me borrow his nice watch :)

And this is just a cool shot of my Germany shoes, and the new tights I bought :)

Love, Sarai

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