Monday, February 28, 2011

I Love Birthdays!!!

Outfit details
Shirt-birthday gift from Celeste :)
Glove/mittens-Gift from Nicknar!

Birthdays are the most wonderful days of the year :) Mine was on saturday! I'm 18 now! I can't even believe I'm actually that old.....
I think my daddy would prefer to believe I'm NOT that old ;)

I'll post pictures from my birthday tomorrow, but I'm tired right now lol

Anyways, these pictures were taken with my new camera! Ver ver excited about that! Also, I found out that my darling friend Philip who I met in Germany is going to be in Utah when I'm there :) It'll be wonderful if we get to see each other again! It'll be over a year and a half when we get to see each other!! The insanity!

He's a sweetheart, I absolutely adore the guy! <3

And that's the end folks...I'm about to crawl up into my lovely bed and just SLEEP for a while.

Love, Sarai

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Outfit Details
Jeans-Charlotte Russe

I cannot focus on this at all, but here goes a blog!

Well today was's snowing....
my birthday party is figured out!
That's pretty much everything except...


I'm unbelievably happy right now :)
I mean, I had already gotten into BYU-I, but this is like, a personal triumph for me, because I was completely convinced I couldn't do it..
and my brother is going soon as he gets off his mission we'll both be there....
I started crying for a second when I found out, because I was so upset that I couldn't call him right then and there to tell him the wonderful news. He's one of the first people who should know! He's been encouraging me the entire time, and he believed I could do it even when I had resigned that we wouldn't go to college together....
but I was wrong :)
the lord was right!
and so were my brother and nancy ;)

Love, the now proud BYU-Cougar, Sarai!

Goodbye Blogging... (well at least for a bit)

Yes, i'm giving up blogging for three days. Tough stuff guys. This doesn't just include posting(i don't do that every day anyways) but also looking at other people's blogs! I would just like to mention that I'm obsessed with doing this... However, at my church we're doing this pioneer trek this summer and eventhough i won't be going, one of the prerequisites is to sacrifice something for three days so i'm doing this with my fellow young women this weekend. Wish me luck!

Cupcake Excursions and Best Friends

This is US all the time... 
Sorry for the obnoxious laugh and face there... but that's just how it goes. Anywhoo, we were making cupcakes for our favorite person in the world. Sister Pickett. The cupcakes kind of failed because Celeste didn't mix them for long enough and they ended up looking like little volcanoes. While they were baking though we ate, well rather drank, hot chocolate through Tim Tams(i attempted it... but i guess i'm not skilled enough). Mmmmmm, delicousness. We should've gotten a video of me trying to do that. Funny stuff I tell you.

Awkward faces much?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Hope This Movie Does NOT Let Me Down....

Outfit details #1
H&M shirt-thrifted
Jeans-Charlotte Russe

Outfit #2
White tee-Forever 21
Tights-Forever 21

 Here's the thing....I'm kinda obsessed with Dianna Agron. But can you blame me? The girls is GORGEOUS, can sing, is in a new movie coming out that is immensely exciting to me! And the girl has style. Yes I know; Hollywood actors and actresses have people dressing them. But even casually, this girl has flawlessly cute girly looks, and in her new movie with Alex Pettyfer (yum), the trailer alone inspires me fashion-wise! 
Case in point:
My beret? The adorable 100% wool baby perched on my head? I was inspired by the trailer for "I Am Number Four" when Dianna Agron is talking to Alex Pettyfer, and she's wearing a deliciously similar beret! I fell in love with the classic girlyness of the hat, but also with the innate sassiness (it's the french heritage i tell you) that seems to accompany it!
I'm just very pleased :)

And tomorrow I will hopefully have the time to write a post that I've been working on about the particular style qualities of the movie. I've been surfing the web looking for pieces that inspire the same girlyness that Dianna's character does. So far the search is going well ;)

 Ahh girly refreshing ;)

Love, Sarai

Friday, February 18, 2011

BAM! It's Friday!!

Outfit Details:
cardigan: Charlotte Russe
shirt: Target?
jeans: H&M
necklace: Nordstrom
cowl: homemade
THE boots: Sarai's
Check out cute baby Nick's sweater. I'm. in. love. It's adorable. Anywhoo, it's friday and i'm pumped. Friendy friend paid for my lunch, Sarai and I are going to our favorite band's concert, i'm going shopping with my cousins, and study groups. I'm excited! (well, maybe not for the study groups but what you do what you gotta do) Well have a fabulous weekend lovlies!
P.s. I forgot to mention that it's also a three day weekend. I'm flying high right now!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Outfit Details:
blazer: found
dress: Sarai's
heels: F21
bangles: F21
hair: five seconds of curling while still wet. awesome.

What do I do when i'm avoiding discussing "Euripides's techniques as a dramatist"? Well I blog. Yes, that's right. I would rather blog than think about crazy Medea killing her children. Okay, rant over.
Sooooooo, for our Valentine's Party I got the idea to make pink hot chocolate by just putting red dye in white hot chocolate. Of course no store has white hot chocolate! And I ended up trying it on regular chocolate hot chocolate. It looked like we were drinking blood. No joke. It was a little disturbing... especially when Sarai's friend Hannah really wanted to try it. Weirdoooo.

Monday, February 14, 2011

This Is Way Late, and I Just Found My Favorite Song......

And I will be posting today's pictures....tomorrow :D

Also jump to the bottom to hear my favorite song EVER, performed by Sufjan Stevens :)

I'm just really tired guysss... but last week, I definitely should've posted, but I didn't. I suppose I fail. But I'm sorry, so let's all forgive and forget, right??!!

Anyways, last week I decided to get creative with my pictures, and I LOVE the way they turned out!!

 Outfit Details
3D Glasses-Nicknar's :)

And here is Sufjan Stevens performing my favorite song of all time, Come Thou Fount
(he does this with a banjo! How cool is he??)

XOXO, Sarai

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Outfit Details(1):
trousers: Sarai's
Steve Madden Heels: Ross ($13, BAM!)
t-shirt: F21
scarf: stolen from Celeste
Outfit #2:
cowl: homemade
long sleeve: Sarai's
purple skinny jeans: Sarai's
boots: alloy
earrings: gifted

-my face in every single one of those pictures
-people twitching when they sleep
-watching my teacher unsuccessfully get people's attention from across the room and eventually yelling "ASHELY! COME ON DOWN!" in a goofy voice when you know she feels super awkward...
-people's nose hairs
-knowing someone got a bad grade and then they ask you what you got...
-teenagers and relationships
-Kristen Stewart on the cover of Vogue
-KICKING THAT HISTORY FINALS BUTT (in reference to awkward thing above)
-getting an A- as my final grade for history. I usually get really good grades but this is especially significant because i have probably the hardest teacher ever
-Baby Nick deciding to join in the outfit pictures today (he enjoys getting his picture maybe a little too much)
-having a conversation in song with a 5 year-old
-finding out my friend is just as obsessed with Grey's Anatomy as I am
-two more days until our Valentine's Day Partayyy! woot woot!