Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!....

....and a few things from Tuesday night :)


-You're only getting pictures of my hair cause I hated my outfit...
-My sweater not fitting right...
-...and me trying to fix it with a paperclip....WHAT??
-Yeah...when turning left, yield for right!
-People making out in the on wants to watch!
-Having to pull my shirt up all day!
-The nasty B.O. smell that comes from glaze....

-My hairdo :)
-getting free candy from Jose!
-Having a long-overdue girls talk with Kira <3
-An A on my calculus final!
-fashion challenge Nancy and I are starting!
-Discovering Tea and Biscuits! This girl looks like Carey Mulligan!!

And for tuesday night...
we had semester break on wednesday, so Nancy and I had a girls night! Complete with cherry pie and a good movie :)

Just a really, really, fun night :)

Love, Sarai


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

pie movie, cute hair sounds like a great night indeed.
p.s. love the yellow boots in your header!

Meredith said...

maybe I'll have to give that movie another go? i hated it the first time i saw it. for reals. glad you had fun girls night though. woo hoo! :)

Sarai and Nancy said...

Alycia! Thanks so much! Nancy is the genius behind that lol
And Meredith-Hahahaha I definitely didn't like it as much as I do now the first time I watched it! I thought it was ridiculous, but I guess it kinda grew on me :) Plus I just love the guy who plays the older brother in it. Dermot Mulroney I think?