Thursday, February 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Outfit Details(1):
trousers: Sarai's
Steve Madden Heels: Ross ($13, BAM!)
t-shirt: F21
scarf: stolen from Celeste
Outfit #2:
cowl: homemade
long sleeve: Sarai's
purple skinny jeans: Sarai's
boots: alloy
earrings: gifted

-my face in every single one of those pictures
-people twitching when they sleep
-watching my teacher unsuccessfully get people's attention from across the room and eventually yelling "ASHELY! COME ON DOWN!" in a goofy voice when you know she feels super awkward...
-people's nose hairs
-knowing someone got a bad grade and then they ask you what you got...
-teenagers and relationships
-Kristen Stewart on the cover of Vogue
-KICKING THAT HISTORY FINALS BUTT (in reference to awkward thing above)
-getting an A- as my final grade for history. I usually get really good grades but this is especially significant because i have probably the hardest teacher ever
-Baby Nick deciding to join in the outfit pictures today (he enjoys getting his picture maybe a little too much)
-having a conversation in song with a 5 year-old
-finding out my friend is just as obsessed with Grey's Anatomy as I am
-two more days until our Valentine's Day Partayyy! woot woot!

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