Monday, February 7, 2011


Oh silly me!
Outfit Details (1):
dress: borrowed from Sarai
tights: target
shoes: ross
earrings: gifted
necklace: found in my sister's things
belt (not pictured): F21

Outfit Details (2):
turtle neck: sarai's
vest: nordstrom
necklace: nordstrom
jeans: F21

We're almost done with senior year and I keep on thinking about what this next year will bring. I can't wait to get out there on my own especially in a big city like Portland. On the downside, Sarai and our best friend Celeste are leaving me. More like i'm leaving them since it's normal to go to BYU, but that's besides the point... With all the excitement about our futures i've realized how much things are going to change. I'll miss them bunches. Celeste and I have been buds since we were born and then Sarai came into our lives and we've been a threesome ever since we were three! (Pun!) All of these thoughts have forced me to picture who I want to become and made me cherish all of the good times we've had growing up. I wouldn't trade them for the world.
By the way, Sarai gave her friend the Book of Mormon today. She told me it went great :) Now i'm just trying to muster the courage and invite my friend to church... I hope to be as brave as my little Sarai! *imagine me saying that with a russian accent* 
Us being "men" at the beach during one of our anuual sleepovers
Left to right: Sarai, Celeste, Nancy

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Sarai and Nancy said...

by the way, I will kill you for this picture. I hate it. but i still love it deep down....
if you know what i mean