Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Almost Fell Off a Rock Taking Pictures

Hmmmm today was a wonderful Sunday! I had all delightful lessons, I only got laughed at once or twice, my new Sunday School teacher is amazing, and my family had a superbowl sunday COMMERCIAL party! ;)

Also today was the first day of Nancy and I's fashion challenge:

We each go through and pick 20 things we don't wear very often, and switch until the end of the month.Simple. Yet challenging. We have to wear all twenty items by the end, and we have to wear at least one every day! That's where it's a bit challenging :P
But Nancy was nice and gave me some snazzy stuff!

Like the below sweater, and the skirt that is actually a dress ;)

Also I took these outside my church building

Outfit Details:
Sweater-Nancy's Charlotte Russe
Dress (worn under)-Nancy's

And in this picture, I fell off the rock literally a half second after taking the pictures :)

Love, Sarai

PS: I'm giving a Book of Mormon to someone tomorrow. Pray for him....and me :)

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