Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Hope This Movie Does NOT Let Me Down....

Outfit details #1
H&M shirt-thrifted
Jeans-Charlotte Russe

Outfit #2
White tee-Forever 21
Tights-Forever 21

 Here's the thing....I'm kinda obsessed with Dianna Agron. But can you blame me? The girls is GORGEOUS, can sing, is in a new movie coming out that is immensely exciting to me! And the girl has style. Yes I know; Hollywood actors and actresses have people dressing them. But even casually, this girl has flawlessly cute girly looks, and in her new movie with Alex Pettyfer (yum), the trailer alone inspires me fashion-wise! 
Case in point:
My beret? The adorable 100% wool baby perched on my head? I was inspired by the trailer for "I Am Number Four" when Dianna Agron is talking to Alex Pettyfer, and she's wearing a deliciously similar beret! I fell in love with the classic girlyness of the hat, but also with the innate sassiness (it's the french heritage i tell you) that seems to accompany it!
I'm just very pleased :)

And tomorrow I will hopefully have the time to write a post that I've been working on about the particular style qualities of the movie. I've been surfing the web looking for pieces that inspire the same girlyness that Dianna's character does. So far the search is going well ;)

 Ahh girly style...so refreshing ;)

Love, Sarai


Sarah said...

Oh how I wish I was able to pull-off hats.
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Lizzie B. said...

LOVE the skirt outfit!! Love your guys' styles!