Monday, February 28, 2011

I Love Birthdays!!!

Outfit details
Shirt-birthday gift from Celeste :)
Glove/mittens-Gift from Nicknar!

Birthdays are the most wonderful days of the year :) Mine was on saturday! I'm 18 now! I can't even believe I'm actually that old.....
I think my daddy would prefer to believe I'm NOT that old ;)

I'll post pictures from my birthday tomorrow, but I'm tired right now lol

Anyways, these pictures were taken with my new camera! Ver ver excited about that! Also, I found out that my darling friend Philip who I met in Germany is going to be in Utah when I'm there :) It'll be wonderful if we get to see each other again! It'll be over a year and a half when we get to see each other!! The insanity!

He's a sweetheart, I absolutely adore the guy! <3

And that's the end folks...I'm about to crawl up into my lovely bed and just SLEEP for a while.

Love, Sarai

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