Friday, February 4, 2011

Mmmmmm Cashmere


Outfit Details:
cashmere cowl: mother made
 shirt: AE
leather jacket: F21
jeans: F21
shoes: Charlotte Russe
awesome fish scale earrings from peru: gift from Sarai
awkward bra in the background: gift from Sarai....

So it wasn't until after I had uploaded that picture that i realized how horribly messy my bed looks and the awkward bra on my dresser... Sorry guys but i'm too lazy to retake the picture. Oh gosh! I just realized you could see all the papers underneath my bed... that's what you get for being a dedicated student, butt loads of work EVERYWHERE.
I have a little awkward since I didn't do Awkward and Awesome Thursday!
-snazy coat friend drooling while taking a nappy nap
-hearing my sick self breathe
-knowing someone is listening to nasty music while you can't hear it but they're staring at you...
-a bagillion texts from your neighbor from years ago but now won't leave you alone. (nice kid just a bit clingy)


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