Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hmmmmm Vacation

Sorry I don't have any pictures from our trip to the beach. Sarai has them all. But may I just say that was the best trip i've taken in a while. Everything was wonderful, the awesome roadtrip playlist that beat all other playlists, the cute quaint Coney Island feel of Seaside, our inn, and of course my buddies (Sarai, Celeste, and Corrie). Well, i'm sure Sarai will be posting the pictures REALLY soon, so don't think i'm super lame and that this post is pointless (well that might be, but hey...)
Anywho, Sarai and I decided we ARE cutting our hair. We want something different. These haircuts are getting BORING. I was thinking about Zooey Deschanel.

And uhhhh..... Allison Sudol (aka A Fine Frenzy) is perfect. Please just bask in her beauty as much as Sarai and I did tonight.
I really just want to recreate that dress and her hair piece and die my hair that color and pretty much just recreate this entire photo. Well, i'm done boring you with my wants and desires.
Stay Sweet!

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