Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'll basically do anything to not do the dishes....

Outfit Details:
Prom Heels-The mall?

Friday or thursday's outfit...
Outfit Details:
Shirt-Target (thrifted)
Shoes-Nancy's closet

Well okay, nancy and I spent this saturday together. it was a nice lil best friend date ;) we like to have those. Keeps the friendship alive, of course! Actually it's just an excuse to give a name to our hanging out....
Anyways, we went to Jantzen Beach, where Barnes and Noble and Target are located...btw I drove on the Freeway for the first time excluding driver's ed :) So we decided to start out lovely outing at Barnes and Noble, which is in my top ten favorite places....Even my top five! Whoaaa...
We pored over magazines and cookbooks, and Nancy found a cookbook I've decided that I need! It's called The sorcerer's cool. And that darling little picture of a 'person' (not necessarily a girl) named Nancy was in a book we found there....I seriously almost peed my pants the first time I saw that picture! Perfection!
And then we mosied over to Target, where I found these amazing booties, for eight dollars! What/?@??@! I am definitely getting them. Somehow I squeezed my size six feet into a five and half....anything for fashion ;)

That's it for today my charming ladies (and gents)!
Love, Sarai

PS: I bargained doing three loads of laundry to not wash the dishes..just saying. Short of selling my soul....

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