Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm Sorry!!!!! Please forgive Me!

I am a crazy lady, and totally understand if you never look at this blog again! I literally have not been on the computer for so long! It's ridiculous! I have had way too much to do, and not enough time on my hands to even think of blogging!

Outfit Details:
Floral shirt-Charlotte Russe
Plaid Shirt-Thrifted

 Outfit Details:

Outfit Details:
Black Jeans-Forever21
Feather Earrings-Forever21

Ahhhhnd this is for Sadies, theme BEAUTY AND THE GEEK!
So cute :)

I was going for a Rachel Berry look....I like to think I achieved it hahaha

So anyways....I've just been super-busy, and I have a million more pictures to post that I just haven't quite yet....But I promise that after tonight I shall be doing much more fabulously! I'll try a lot harder lol

By the way, this weekend is seriously going to be fantastic! I'm going to see Beastly tonight with Nancy and my sister, and then tomorrow Nancy and I are literally spending the ENTIRE day at Barnes and Noble :) This is my dream! I am so excited! An over-abundance of pictures shall commence! 
Ahhhhnd that's IT folks! Most likely :)

Love, Sarai


ashley in wonderland said...

You are so freaking gorgeous. I love your eyebrows! (is that weird?) ha! Also. I Need need need those feather earrings!

Sarai and Nancy said...

Oh my gosh thanks so much! You're the sweetest :)
Haha i definitely have to pluck my eyebrows like, basically every day because they kinda go all Eugene Levy if I'm not too careful...they like to roam wild and free!

OK the feather earrings were like, 3 dollars at forever 21! Favorite cause they're cheap and big, and FEATHERS! I don't know what's better than feathers hahaha

PS: You need to teach me your vintage hair tricks. I love all your adorable vintage rolls!

Sarai and Nancy said...

and that was an obnoxiously long comment....feel free to ignore me hahaha