Monday, March 7, 2011

Leggings As Pants....

Outfit Details
Shirt-Forever21 thrifted
Leggings-Sisters' drawer

This is my rule-breaking monday post! Please be proud of me for wearing leggings as pants! I used to shun it, but when I got this lovely tunic type shirt, I just had to try it! I just kind of love it :)
It's so comfortable, I'm surprised I've never done it before! Wow :P

Oh and Hey! This is the first cake I've ever made for MONEY in my whole life! I'm very much into cake decorating, and I always watch those shows where people decorate cakes, and especially CUPCAKES! So my favorite things in the whole world :)

So this was for Marian's 89th birthday party, and I was actually very proud of the way it turned out! Devils Food cake, with Chocolate Ganache over it. Yummy :)

And on a more grave note, anyone from the Vancouver are will have heard about Mark Golyshevskiy, a local 18 yr old who was in a motorcycle accident last night. He died on impact. Usually, I would mention tragedies such as these, because they generally have nothing to do with me, and I feel disrespectful mentioning those things. But in this case, I actually knew the guy. I didn't know him, I'd only met him a few times, but he had been dating one of my closest friends for two years and four months. She's in shock right now. I've been with her most of the day, and it's been so hard to watch her fall apart the way she has. Surprisingly though, she's displaying an incredible amount of courage, and strength. She's such a beautiful person, and so brave, I cannot imagine how something so awful could happen to someone so young, and for a girlfriend like her to be left alone. I love her with all my heart, and I know that she is strong enough to handle the pain, and the fear. She was so in love with him, and him with her. On the phone with her tonight, I couldn't keep from sobbing because I could just feel her pain through the phone. I wanted to hold her tightly, and tell her that Heavenly Father and The Savior are watching him, and her, but she's not quite ready to hear anything quite that heavy. But I was at least able to tell her that she is so lucky to have loved someone that much, and have them love her in return. 
Mark will be missed <3

Love, Sarai


Olivianne Hall said...

Leggings as pants are the best things ever! Whoever hates jeggings is seriously disturbed, and missing out on so much comfort.

Oh, and by the wayy, I'm a citizen of Seattle as well! :D I have been so many places on this planet, and none of them compare to the artsy/vintage feel of Seattle. Therefore, I adore your blog.

i love mochi said...

lovely outfit and great cake! following you now =)

Sarai and Nancy said...

I know!!! Oh my gosh, leggings are basically perfection.....
and i don't actually live in seattle, but nancy went there for a trip, and I have been there many times! I adore seattle! I think it's so wonderful and lovely, and artsy! It's one of my favorite places :)

Thanks mochi!! :D we'll follow you too!