Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seaside is Basically PERFECT....

Celeste sleeping hahahaha

Ate lunch at this place called Norma's the second day....so amazing!

we are tough and buff.....

And sometimes super-stupid...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! It's so perfect <3

Celeste on an Ostrich, Nancy on a Seahorse!

On a reindeer!

Copying an album cover....do you know which one?

Deer were my theme hahhaha

These four person bikes are so fun! We looked like idiots, but we seriously had so much fun! We got pretty good at it too...but there were some close calls with stop signs ;)

I wanted this lamp so bad! It was forty dollars though....lame :( I was in love with it!

Lil teacups!!
Left to right:: Corrie (celeste's sister), Celeste, ME (Sarai), and NANCY

Now this ridiculous outfit....well when we got back from the beach we got dressed real fast and ran right in to the women's conference.....and afterwards we finished Sixteen Candles at Nancy's. For an easy way to carry my stuff, I decided to wear as many of my clothing articles as i could....namely putting rainboots and a windbreaker on over my dress...and let's not forget, my new HAT! I got it in Seaside for ten bucks, and I legitimately want to wear it everywhere! Oh dear ;)
personally, I think I look like a Russian hipster in this outfit... ;)

Love, Sarai

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Sarai and Nancy said...

because my teeth are all funky (and unique!), in some of the pictures, the shadows make me look like i'm missing teeth... hahaha siicckkk