Monday, March 7, 2011

Seattle Baby

This we call the college girl "i don't care about anything" face
Now you know how short I really am. None of these guys are very tall...
Repunzel photo shoot inside the library
Outfit Details:
jeans: F21
boots: borrowed
denim shirt: embarrassing but wal-mart for $1
scarf: stolen from celeste
earrings: gifted
My visit to Seattle was pretty epic! The actual academic worl languages part wasn't the greatest but lunch and the ride back definitely made everything worth while. Oh! And the hogwarts library at UW! How could I forget?! That was the coolest thing of my life.
For lunch, my studly (i use the term studly loosely...) friends thought it would be cool to go to the infamous Dick's burger place. But the catch was it was about 1.5 miles from campus. Cool right? no... That meant about 3 miles just for lunch. I don't like having negative calories! The whole time I was questioning Robert's sense of direction and his "intuition". Then I made everyone do the olympic speed walking technique so we wouldn't be late. (greatest thing i've ever seen :) shake your hips real fast and off you go!) In the end the nasty burgers were really good and the shakes were only 2 bucks! bam! 
The weird thing I noticed after not being in seattle for a while and spending most of my time in Portland was how unweird everyone is in seattle! I'm not even joking. Everyone just wears boots, dark rain jackets, and dark backpacks. No one was even riding a bike. Lammeeeeee. The weirdest things I saw all day were my denim shirt and Britta's cheetah print bow and those are perfectly acceptable!  

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