Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sneak Peak

Veronica and I making the tradition Venezuelan Arepas (mmmmm...)

Sorry if this might gross you out... It was just too weird. I had to take a picture. He was starring into my soul.
I know, I'm horrible at posting!! These last few weeks have been crazy with Veronica and Majo staying with us. However, those pictures up there are just a little preview of all the planned posts i have for EVERY SINGLE DAY this week. Be proud. I even have some outfit pictures that i need to put up. It's been wayyy too long. I fail. I feel like i've been too overwhelmed with everything lately that i'm just scrambling all the time and then i just end up failing. This week, i'm pulling it together. AND on friday, Sarai, Celeste, Corrie(Celeste's older sister) and I are going to the BEACH for Celeste's birthday celebration! I"m super excited and we're going to go crazzzyyy! Have a fabulous week and I hope you aren't too stressed.

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