Monday, April 25, 2011

Hippie Headbands and Barnacled Warships...

hair scarf: Thrifted
flower-Forever 21

outfit two!
Clip-on earring clipped to necklace??? My teacher stuck that on me randomly....

Anyways, I went to Saturday Market in Portland this weekend....filled with crazy people and sunshine, I had a good time with new friends...and one old :)
It was so fun! I don't know when I've felt so relaxed! Also, it was hot. A rarity it seems, but somehow the sun showed itself! It was a resolute shock to all! 
But here's the thing about hot makes me angry at long hair...because I hate washing my hair, but it gets gross...solution? tie a hippie scarf into curled hair, go to gelato with Nancy, fall asleep at Mozelle's with hair STILL LIKE THAT, then wake up and go to the market with hair STILL LIKE THAT! Disgusting? you betcha ;) but that's okay with me! 

This is Johnny Flynn. I've decided he's my future husband....
listen to his beautiful english voice, bask in his flawed yet lovely facial scars...I'm in love ;) Also, I love that he plays the violin....
Enjoy ;)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Clothes Make My Heart Sing :)

Outfit Details:
New Floral Vest-Urban Eccentric
Necklaces-Thrifted; Forever 21

These are my new shoes :)
Denim Shirt-Wally's World
Jeans-Forever 21
Silk Scarf-thrifted

New Floral Tee-Target

Doesn't your heart just smile when you buy new clothes?? Because mine certainly did when I got all of these things this weekend :) Even posting about them is a happy moment! Dang....
Anyways, notice that all three things I bought were florals? Or tended to be similar to florals? I don't know, lately I've been drawn to things that have a floral pattern, or like-floral. Maybe it's all the lovely spring air, and the sunshine, and the fact that I don't have to wear gloves to school in the mornings anymore? It could be any of those things, really. 
The next things on my list:

Also, check out this blog that I love! It's amazing cute preppy TOMBOY style. I'm a girls-girl, but I love the versatility of these outfits! Plus there are a lot of icons featured :)

I'm kinda obsessed :) Scroll through and you'll see the black floppy sunhat plaid shirt combo that I love! 
Have a wonderful hump day lovelies :)

Monday, April 18, 2011


Outfit #1 Details:
Fishtail Braid!!!
Black Jeans-Forever 21
Ballet Slippers-Nancy's closet

Part deux

It's been forever. And I have been missing the blogging....Our web album filled up, so I had to figure out the mechanics  of flickr....which was hard for me to be honest. I'm not a huge computer person. Actually it only took a few minutes and google to figure it out, but still....Things were touch and go for a while! 
I'm really proud of myself for doing this fishtail braid ALL BY MYSELF! Yeah...that's right ;) I figured it out, and then I just went with it. Everyone is so shocked when I french braid or fishtail braid my own hair...I didn't know it was that hard...but apparently it is! 
This lack of blogging has also been due to stress...homework takes major precedence over blogging, so it gets kinda stressful to even try. I've been staying up way late attempting to actually finish things on time, and be on track for's tough sometimes. But I refuse to succumb to the possibility of wearing sweatpants and everything else to school. Last year I was all for that...this year however, Nancy and I have been trying much harder to dress cute! It's actually easy now to not roll out of bed and throw on sweats. My new policy is that if I don't feel cute or pretty, or beautiful in something, like heck I will wear it! No way darling, not happening. It's a pretty self-esteem boosting policy to have :)
Have a lovely start of the week lovely-ladies and gents :)

Love, Sarai

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Playlist that Makes Other Playlists Cry-aka-Zombies, Lucifers, and Demons, OH MY!

I'm obsessed with music. It's a side effect of two parents who are both always blasting their old school tunes for me. I can't help it :)

Anyways, the thing about music is that it's just a huge inspiration for me, but not just in the musical sense. Also just creatively, in writing, and especially in fashion. Whenever I hear a song, I imagine random scenes from movies that it would work for, or music videos, or just snapshots of anything and everything. And that's before I even look at the pictures!

So on our trip to Seaside, I made a play-list, titled:

The Playlist That Makes Other Playlists Cry-AKA-Zombies, Lucifers, and Demons, OH MY!

1. The Old Days-Dr. Dog
I might have fallen in love with this song. And if you look at the album cover, for some reason it looks like a guy pointing a gun at a zombie to me....

2. Furr-Blitzen Trapper
I'm obsessed with wolves...and this song is beautiful to me

3. First Day of My Life-Bright Eyes
One of the sweetest things I've ever heard in my life! So wonderful :) I want someone to feel this way about me!

4. Lit Up-Faire du Surf (this is a local band in Vancouver! They're wonderful, but obviously unknown! Support them!)

5. Scar That Never Heals-Jeremy Fisher

(This is a song that brings back memories of childhood)

 7. Anything For You-Ludo
The whimsical and sweet lyrics of this are so wonderful and dreamy!
8. Our House-Madness

9. The Cave-Mumford and Sons
Is there ever any need to explain Mumford and Sons???

10. Animal-Neon Trees
For some reason, I find this song supremely sexy, and the music video is sick. I'm kinda in love with the awkwardly-limp-mohawked lead singer ;P


11. Relator-Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn
Have you ever heard Scarlett Johansson sing? It's lovely :)

12. From Where I'm Standing-Schuyler Fisk
This is from a really sweet movie called I'm Reed Fish. It's one of my favorites :)

13. Murder in the City-The Avett Brothers

14. Howlin For You-The Black Keys
I'm really loving on The Black Keys...and this is another mighty sexy song!

15. Fables-The Dodos

16. Buildings and Mountains-The Republic Tigers
This is my favorite song on the CD that I hadn't heard before I downloaded it. If that makes sense. I knew some of these before, but this one I found one day and just downloaded it. It's my favorite new song? Anyways i love it with a strong passion
17. Electric Twist-A Fine Frenzy
Alison Sudol! I have been listening to her for the past few years, and I love her so much! I'm glad she's getting more recognition for her loveliness!

18. Brown Eyed Girl-Van Morrison
I have this dream that my future husband will dedicate this song to me :)

19. My Body-Young the Giant
One day, Nancy wouldn't stop singing one line of this song, and I had never heard it before. I resolved to hate it because she was driving me absolutely insane. Then I heard it for real. And now I love it.

So this is my first little playlist to share with you lovelies! Next? Either "The Playlist That Tears Other Playlists to Shreds-Aka-Team Zombie", or "The Playlist That is Colossally Bigger Than Others-Aka-I'm a Freaking African Elephant" Either way, I'm excited :)
And it's funny. I get so much inspiration from these songs, it's insanity! MADNESS I TELL YOU!!!

Tell me some of your favorite songs!

Love, Sarai

Friday, April 8, 2011


GUYS! This is my new hair :) I finally took the plunge and got bangs, and it's all because of Alison Sudol, aka, A Fine Frenzy. She's beautiful I tell you! And my inspiration for getting bangs.

hoodie-my sisters
white tee-VS
necklace-gift from Anna and Erin :)

And this is the whale teapot I'm making in pottery! I'm so excited about it! It's turning out so well, and I'm going to make fish teacups to match!

This is the outfit I wore when I went to see Tangled with Celeste and Nancy :D
Maxi Dress (!!!!)-Celeste's

And this outfit is from a few days ago :)

Alright folks, here's the scoop! It's spring break for me, and I'm a lazy butthead. I swear, during spring break I should be ALL OVER this blog. But I've spent it writing more of my novel! A grand thing, for sure, but definitely not working so well for little bloggy over here...I think I should name him Auggie. I'll run that by Nancy :)

Also, now that I have bangs, my hair looks so different! I love them, but it's so weird having something on my forehead! WHAT!??!

Also, could someone help Nancy and I figure out this whole Picasa web albums thing? Ours is pretty much full, and did all of you have to purchase more memory? or is there any other option?

And those Jelly Belly's are belly flops! I'd never heard of those, and it blew my mind!!!

And you know what else is blowing my mind? I wore a Maxi dress. I could have sworn I hated those, but for some reason this one snuck into a little spot of love in my mind, and now I'm kinda in love. It's like pajama's in dress form :)

Love, Sarai