Monday, April 18, 2011


Outfit #1 Details:
Fishtail Braid!!!
Black Jeans-Forever 21
Ballet Slippers-Nancy's closet

Part deux

It's been forever. And I have been missing the blogging....Our web album filled up, so I had to figure out the mechanics  of flickr....which was hard for me to be honest. I'm not a huge computer person. Actually it only took a few minutes and google to figure it out, but still....Things were touch and go for a while! 
I'm really proud of myself for doing this fishtail braid ALL BY MYSELF! Yeah...that's right ;) I figured it out, and then I just went with it. Everyone is so shocked when I french braid or fishtail braid my own hair...I didn't know it was that hard...but apparently it is! 
This lack of blogging has also been due to stress...homework takes major precedence over blogging, so it gets kinda stressful to even try. I've been staying up way late attempting to actually finish things on time, and be on track for's tough sometimes. But I refuse to succumb to the possibility of wearing sweatpants and everything else to school. Last year I was all for that...this year however, Nancy and I have been trying much harder to dress cute! It's actually easy now to not roll out of bed and throw on sweats. My new policy is that if I don't feel cute or pretty, or beautiful in something, like heck I will wear it! No way darling, not happening. It's a pretty self-esteem boosting policy to have :)
Have a lovely start of the week lovely-ladies and gents :)

Love, Sarai


Piril Maria said...

Great braid.

♥ Love,

Antoinette said...

Wow your hair is absolutely gorgeous!!

rebecca said...

What a gorgeous top. And ballet shoes!! Love it.


Monica Whitney said...

Love the braid!

Sarai and Nancy said...

Thanks so much guys! This was the first time I fishtail braided, and I was nervous it wouldn't turn out! You guys are all so sweet :)