Monday, April 25, 2011

Hippie Headbands and Barnacled Warships...

hair scarf: Thrifted
flower-Forever 21

outfit two!
Clip-on earring clipped to necklace??? My teacher stuck that on me randomly....

Anyways, I went to Saturday Market in Portland this weekend....filled with crazy people and sunshine, I had a good time with new friends...and one old :)
It was so fun! I don't know when I've felt so relaxed! Also, it was hot. A rarity it seems, but somehow the sun showed itself! It was a resolute shock to all! 
But here's the thing about hot makes me angry at long hair...because I hate washing my hair, but it gets gross...solution? tie a hippie scarf into curled hair, go to gelato with Nancy, fall asleep at Mozelle's with hair STILL LIKE THAT, then wake up and go to the market with hair STILL LIKE THAT! Disgusting? you betcha ;) but that's okay with me! 

This is Johnny Flynn. I've decided he's my future husband....
listen to his beautiful english voice, bask in his flawed yet lovely facial scars...I'm in love ;) Also, I love that he plays the violin....
Enjoy ;)


Monica Whitney said...

What a great headband! And your beautiful hair helps, too.

Ask the Duplex

Ruby Girl said...

i agree^^ the headband is awesome! <3

Sarai and Nancy said...

awww thanks! Haha my crazy curls are usually from the night before ;) So I'm glad you appreciate my crazy hair!
and this headband I just found randomly at the store, and I bought it not knowing it was like, Indian Silk or something! What a find!
<3 Sarai

Brittney said...

can we please trade hair? thanks a mil. oh, and that headband's fabulous. love!
-brittney (my daily outfit blog; come on by if you'd like!)

Krystle said...

love your hair and those pants! the saturday market in portland is amazing, i wish i could live there!


Krystle said...

oh..i'm kind of in love with johnny flynn and his scars!


Sarai and Nancy said...

haha brittney lets trade hair :) definitely ;) you're a sweetie! I'll definitely check out your blog!
Krystle!! I'm so glad you appreciate the pants and my hair and JOHNNY FLYNN! I don't know anyone who knows of him, but I might be in love :) <3

Janice said...

I loved looking at the picture in your post. And it is a good sample of hippie headbands that women will be attracted of. Now I know that you just have to fix your hair properly before adding up a hippie headband for me to have the most alluring outlook out there. Thanks for posting this enjoying and informative blog with pictures.