Friday, April 8, 2011


GUYS! This is my new hair :) I finally took the plunge and got bangs, and it's all because of Alison Sudol, aka, A Fine Frenzy. She's beautiful I tell you! And my inspiration for getting bangs.

hoodie-my sisters
white tee-VS
necklace-gift from Anna and Erin :)

And this is the whale teapot I'm making in pottery! I'm so excited about it! It's turning out so well, and I'm going to make fish teacups to match!

This is the outfit I wore when I went to see Tangled with Celeste and Nancy :D
Maxi Dress (!!!!)-Celeste's

And this outfit is from a few days ago :)

Alright folks, here's the scoop! It's spring break for me, and I'm a lazy butthead. I swear, during spring break I should be ALL OVER this blog. But I've spent it writing more of my novel! A grand thing, for sure, but definitely not working so well for little bloggy over here...I think I should name him Auggie. I'll run that by Nancy :)

Also, now that I have bangs, my hair looks so different! I love them, but it's so weird having something on my forehead! WHAT!??!

Also, could someone help Nancy and I figure out this whole Picasa web albums thing? Ours is pretty much full, and did all of you have to purchase more memory? or is there any other option?

And those Jelly Belly's are belly flops! I'd never heard of those, and it blew my mind!!!

And you know what else is blowing my mind? I wore a Maxi dress. I could have sworn I hated those, but for some reason this one snuck into a little spot of love in my mind, and now I'm kinda in love. It's like pajama's in dress form :)

Love, Sarai


Krystle said...

Yay!! I really love the bangs, Alison makes me want to do so many things to my hair(bangs, red, platinum!) I keep trying bangs but my hair is naturally super curly...I'm going to try a long side swept bang style next!


Kassandra said...

Hello!Great post!!! i love your blog!! i follow you now!
Would you come in mine and follow me?i'd be very happy!

Harley said...

Approve of the bangs :)

Breanna said...

Love the bangs! And the outfit chronicles. So cute.

In answer to your question, I am going to BYU! It's a quirky little place, but you'll love it here. ^.^


Ruby Girl said...

you are so cute! love yo style. great bangs! i just got some recently too :) super fun change. well i found you through the daybook & def plan on following you now! <3

Kevin & Ashley said...

Love bangs! I always get them and grow them out! And I have no clue about the Picasa thing... I've been wondering the same thing but w/Flickr... You can only upload 200 (well you can upload more but then you can't see/access your first 200)... did you end up paying or finding an option? I'd be curious to know!

Ashley Sloan

Sarai and Nancy said...

thanks guys! You're all amazing for reading out blog :)
@Breanna-do you still go there? I'd love to meet up if you do :)
@Ruby-thanks so much! I love my bangs too :) How did you find me through the daybook btw? I'll follow you too :)
@Ashley-I actually finally got a flickr account, and it works for now! I'll probably have to figure something else out later, but for now I love it :)