Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Clothes Make My Heart Sing :)

Outfit Details:
New Floral Vest-Urban Eccentric
Necklaces-Thrifted; Forever 21

These are my new shoes :)
Denim Shirt-Wally's World
Jeans-Forever 21
Silk Scarf-thrifted

New Floral Tee-Target

Doesn't your heart just smile when you buy new clothes?? Because mine certainly did when I got all of these things this weekend :) Even posting about them is a happy moment! Dang....
Anyways, notice that all three things I bought were florals? Or tended to be similar to florals? I don't know, lately I've been drawn to things that have a floral pattern, or like-floral. Maybe it's all the lovely spring air, and the sunshine, and the fact that I don't have to wear gloves to school in the mornings anymore? It could be any of those things, really. 
The next things on my list:

Also, check out this blog that I love! It's amazing cute preppy TOMBOY style. I'm a girls-girl, but I love the versatility of these outfits! Plus there are a lot of icons featured :)

I'm kinda obsessed :) Scroll through and you'll see the black floppy sunhat plaid shirt combo that I love! 
Have a wonderful hump day lovelies :)


Sarah said...

HOW was that road completly empty! That amazing!
Haha, OH and I adorrrrre the outfit(s) btw. Mega ca-ute!

Maddalena said...


two birds said...

i love that floral vest! in my eyes, you can't really go wrong with florals!!

Monica Whitney said...

Oh my gosh. What fabulous floral shoes.

Ask the Duplex

Sarai and Nancy said...

@Sarah-I know! My dad saw that the road was empty, and he goes QUICK! Get out there so I can take a picture! what a surprise lol
And thanks :)
@Maddalena and Two Birds and Monica Whitney-Thank you! And I agree, florals are lovely :) Basically the wardrobe staple of spring/summer :)

Kevin & Ashley said...

I love the shoes and the jean shirt! Totally need a jean shirt! And I love new clothes- seriously I am addicted to shopping...well the feeling of buying clothes haha. Oh, and I actually did go to BYU but I just graduated and moved away to Colorado...are you going to be a freshman there?! You will LOVE IT!

Ashley Sloan

Sarai and Nancy said...

Thanks so much! I have an obsession with my jean shirt haha. I am kinda addicted to buying clothes also...I swear it's not a problem though ;)
Yes I'm going to be a freshman! I'm so insanely excited about it! I'm actually starting summer term :)