Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Playlist that Makes Other Playlists Cry-aka-Zombies, Lucifers, and Demons, OH MY!

I'm obsessed with music. It's a side effect of two parents who are both always blasting their old school tunes for me. I can't help it :)

Anyways, the thing about music is that it's just a huge inspiration for me, but not just in the musical sense. Also just creatively, in writing, and especially in fashion. Whenever I hear a song, I imagine random scenes from movies that it would work for, or music videos, or just snapshots of anything and everything. And that's before I even look at the pictures!

So on our trip to Seaside, I made a play-list, titled:

The Playlist That Makes Other Playlists Cry-AKA-Zombies, Lucifers, and Demons, OH MY!

1. The Old Days-Dr. Dog
I might have fallen in love with this song. And if you look at the album cover, for some reason it looks like a guy pointing a gun at a zombie to me....

2. Furr-Blitzen Trapper
I'm obsessed with wolves...and this song is beautiful to me

3. First Day of My Life-Bright Eyes
One of the sweetest things I've ever heard in my life! So wonderful :) I want someone to feel this way about me!

4. Lit Up-Faire du Surf (this is a local band in Vancouver! They're wonderful, but obviously unknown! Support them!)

5. Scar That Never Heals-Jeremy Fisher

(This is a song that brings back memories of childhood)

 7. Anything For You-Ludo
The whimsical and sweet lyrics of this are so wonderful and dreamy!
8. Our House-Madness

9. The Cave-Mumford and Sons
Is there ever any need to explain Mumford and Sons???

10. Animal-Neon Trees
For some reason, I find this song supremely sexy, and the music video is sick. I'm kinda in love with the awkwardly-limp-mohawked lead singer ;P


11. Relator-Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn
Have you ever heard Scarlett Johansson sing? It's lovely :)

12. From Where I'm Standing-Schuyler Fisk
This is from a really sweet movie called I'm Reed Fish. It's one of my favorites :)

13. Murder in the City-The Avett Brothers

14. Howlin For You-The Black Keys
I'm really loving on The Black Keys...and this is another mighty sexy song!

15. Fables-The Dodos

16. Buildings and Mountains-The Republic Tigers
This is my favorite song on the CD that I hadn't heard before I downloaded it. If that makes sense. I knew some of these before, but this one I found one day and just downloaded it. It's my favorite new song? Anyways i love it with a strong passion
17. Electric Twist-A Fine Frenzy
Alison Sudol! I have been listening to her for the past few years, and I love her so much! I'm glad she's getting more recognition for her loveliness!

18. Brown Eyed Girl-Van Morrison
I have this dream that my future husband will dedicate this song to me :)

19. My Body-Young the Giant
One day, Nancy wouldn't stop singing one line of this song, and I had never heard it before. I resolved to hate it because she was driving me absolutely insane. Then I heard it for real. And now I love it.

So this is my first little playlist to share with you lovelies! Next? Either "The Playlist That Tears Other Playlists to Shreds-Aka-Team Zombie", or "The Playlist That is Colossally Bigger Than Others-Aka-I'm a Freaking African Elephant" Either way, I'm excited :)
And it's funny. I get so much inspiration from these songs, it's insanity! MADNESS I TELL YOU!!!

Tell me some of your favorite songs!

Love, Sarai


Andrea said...

Oh my goodness, It warms my heart that you included Keane on your list. I have so many memories with their music too. Loves them:) Love this post


ashley said...

what? scarlett johansson is actually good! crazy. i liked that song. how are you liking your bangs? i've been contemplating them for months now . . .

Monique said...

I love Scarlett is amazing!!

Monique xx

Sarai and Nancy said...

@ Andrea-I love them too! I get all nostalgic from certain music. Just takes me back :)
@Ashley-Yes i know! It's insane to me that she's actually good! How much more attractive and talented can a person be?!??! And i love my bangs :) I definitely adore having a new style to play with!
@Monique-I know! It makes me happy to hear her lovely voice :)