Monday, May 30, 2011

18 Days Until I Leave...

Floral Shirt-Nancy
Denim Shirt-Wally's World
Black Jeans-Forever 21
Owl Necklace-Seaside

This is Hector, the Octopus that I made in pottery :) His hat comes off, and he's all hollow in the head


The time has come
I am officially on the countdown for days until I leave for BYU! Holy Goodness Sakes people! I'm feeling a combination of nervous, but Zac Efron on SNL...anyways
It's extremely nerve-wracking. Everyone keeps giving me advice, telling me not to date too many people, because apparently freshman guys are really only into NCMOs, but also, don't get too serious because we don't wanna deter or distract. But don't date RM's until I'm ready to get married....?!?! Scary thoughts people, SCARY THOUGHTS.
I'm so not looking for a husband. I mean, 18, and married? My father's worst nightmare. Or maybe, every father's worst nightmare...
And this is only one eighth of the advice I've gotten on dating, not to mention all the advice about jobs, housing, and academics. It's useful, I know. Just a bit overwhelming. But if it wasn't overwhelming, would it really even be considered college? I THINK NOT!
Sorry...I'm capslock heavy today ;)

OH. explanation for the random pictures of sushi behind my head in the above pictures--I went out to Sushi with my darling friends and I didn't really want to wait until I got home to take pictures, so we busted out the camera right there! It was unbelievably difficult to keep a straight face the whole time...I think maybe I laugh at myself more than is neccessary? ;)

And this, my lovelies....Are the treasures I chanced upon in pottery one day :)

We have to make glaze samples using random pieces of clay that we texture and then paint. And someone got excited and drew Unicorns! Ashley, that was for you :)

Love, Sarai

Monday, May 23, 2011

Verticle Stripes Are Where It's At

I love verticle stripes. They add a different dimension to the whole stripe craze at the moment.
Judy Garland is my inspiration for basically everything! Except ya know... emotional things... Plus that baby has the fattest cheeks!  
This next picture is just for your sweet enjoyment since I haven't uploaded any outfit pictures yet BUT they are coming tomorrow! Wohooo!! The Return of Nancy!
And right now I really want to go back to this place

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Someone Like You

That thing that looks suspiciously like a flower made out of hair? Yes, that is just my hair rolled into a little fluffy thing...

Outfit details:
Young Women's Medallion-earned ;)

Hat-borrowed from the drama department...
Wolf Shirt-thrifted
Maxi dress-Celeste

Pants-Forever 21
SHOES-Cutter :)

This week has been insane! My computer crashed due to nasty viruses, I wore those crazy ridiculous lovely shoes to SCHOOL, the school play ended (cue sniffles and tissues), I grabbed that perfect hat out of the costume room because I love it, and I earned my medallion!

So I kinda forgot how to do my hair like I did it in the first pictures...that was for church today, and for some reason, it just happened and I didn't pay attention to how I did it because I wasn't going to keep it that way! I curl my hair in sections sometimes, and when I pinned this section up haphazardly, I decided it looked cool in a vintagey way :)

And that lovely gold medallion? I earned it a while ago, but I just got it today at church :) I'm mighty happy!

I wore the shoes to school...surprisingly not painful :) And this is the hilarious conversation I overheard as I was walking to third period:

Girl 1: Wow, she's brave for wearing THOSE shoes
Girl 2: Just let her wear what she waaants GUURL!
Girl 1: I like her shoes! I'm just saying she's brave!

So awesome.

And the name of this post has to do with this song:

It's so beautiful, and whenever I hear it, I think of a certain person, and it gets me all nostalgic like! But that's okay :) What is romance for if not to teach us how to be happy?

Love, Sarai

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I feel like such a spice girl in these shoes!

Outfit Details:
Shirt-forever 21, thrifted

In these cobalt blue babies, I am five foot seven inches tall! Normally, of course I'm five one...but put these six inch ladies on my feet and I'm singing a different tune ;)

Anyways, here's the story behind these shoes, which I sadly don't own :(
My drama teacher (I'm not in the class, just in the play, and she's the director), went to Rome last summer, and bought these shoes. She wore them around the store, and loved them, but then come time to actually wear them in public, they KILLED her feet. Disastrous, I know. So fastfoward to a few weeks ago, she mentions her fabulous shoes when we get to talking about how much we both love shoes. I gush at the idea of Italian shoes, and so on saturday, she brought them for me to borrow until the end of the school year! I'm absolutely excited, and I just wish I actually owned them :(

This is my outfit from Sunday, and tomorrow I'm wearing the shoes for the first time to school! I'm terrified I'll take a tumble down or even up the stairs, but the price we pay for beauty ;)

And on to other things...I rediscovered this lovely wonderful rendition of one of my favorite hymns today, and I just have to say, why is Carrie Underwood so radiant? I adore her, and this dress is magnificent! And her lovely voice doesn't hurt :) I'm not into country, I'm more an alt-indie girl, but I gotta love my darling blonde country singers, now don't I? ;)

Love, Sarai

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Got Me a Pinterest!!!

Outfit one:
Target white blouse-thrifted
Floral midi skirt-thrifted
woven belt-thrifted
ballet slippers-nancy

Outfit two:
H&M floral blouse-thrifted
Black pencil skirt-thrifted
Red patent heels-thrifted

Outfit three:
Cream cardigan-forever 21
champagne dress-thrifted
knee socks-??
Ballet slippers-Nancy

Well folks, it's been far too long! I've had AP testing these last two weeks, and I honestly have slept maybe half the time I normally sleep, and I've missed more school than I planned on :P

But in the meantime, I've gotten a PINTEREST account :) i've had it for a week or two, and it's so fun! It's nice to be able to save things I like online rather than in a file on my computer :)

I kinda am in love with it it...

Also, did you notice my SHORT hair in the second set of pictures??! That's my latest and greatest hair achievement! A fake bob! I thought my hair was too long for that! But it definitely happened, and worked well, which is delightful!
And midi skirts! I can't get enough of how lovely perfect they are! They make me feel oh-so-ladylike :)

And this link above leads to the most potent fashion inspiration I can find! I can't get enough of the pictures and clothing!

Love, Sarai

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Tomorrow I have to speak in church about mother's and the role of women in His Plan of Happiness. While trying to get the juices flowing I found a song on my best friend's older sister's blog about motherhood. It's called "Hourglass" by Mindy Gledhill (look it up). So of course I loved it and looked her up on youtube and found that she recorded my favorite hymn. Here it is. It calms me in times of heartache and panic. I hope it does you the same.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not so New Hair

Hello friends! Sorry I haven't been around here for like a MONTH! Thank goodness Sarai can keep this thing going. But here is my new not so new hair! Sometimes I will catch my reflection in a window from far away and not recognize myself because of the bangs... Yes, this does make me feel really stupid but hey, it's a good story.
Anyway, things are crazy around here with work (i'm nanny. best job ever!) and crazy amounts of studying for IB testing (first test was today. i kicked that things butt!) so I can get freaking college credit. It might be a few more weeks until I start regularly posting again but there are hopefully some good things to come!
Just a little side note: that there below is a SUH-WEET! picture of my cousins (the two on the ends. Tyler and Alex) at Tyler's missionary farewell in Boise, ID. He's going to the Phillippines and will be speaking Tagalog (which i just recently learned how to pronounce right. it's like Ta-gol-ig). And Alex, yeah he wants to go to Columbia University which he'll totally get into because he's a genius and is already going there for some business school thing this summer for a  few weeks. Did I mention he's only a junior in high school? Yeah, genius.

Boise State Capital Building