Monday, May 30, 2011

18 Days Until I Leave...

Floral Shirt-Nancy
Denim Shirt-Wally's World
Black Jeans-Forever 21
Owl Necklace-Seaside

This is Hector, the Octopus that I made in pottery :) His hat comes off, and he's all hollow in the head


The time has come
I am officially on the countdown for days until I leave for BYU! Holy Goodness Sakes people! I'm feeling a combination of nervous, but Zac Efron on SNL...anyways
It's extremely nerve-wracking. Everyone keeps giving me advice, telling me not to date too many people, because apparently freshman guys are really only into NCMOs, but also, don't get too serious because we don't wanna deter or distract. But don't date RM's until I'm ready to get married....?!?! Scary thoughts people, SCARY THOUGHTS.
I'm so not looking for a husband. I mean, 18, and married? My father's worst nightmare. Or maybe, every father's worst nightmare...
And this is only one eighth of the advice I've gotten on dating, not to mention all the advice about jobs, housing, and academics. It's useful, I know. Just a bit overwhelming. But if it wasn't overwhelming, would it really even be considered college? I THINK NOT!
Sorry...I'm capslock heavy today ;)

OH. explanation for the random pictures of sushi behind my head in the above pictures--I went out to Sushi with my darling friends and I didn't really want to wait until I got home to take pictures, so we busted out the camera right there! It was unbelievably difficult to keep a straight face the whole time...I think maybe I laugh at myself more than is neccessary? ;)

And this, my lovelies....Are the treasures I chanced upon in pottery one day :)

We have to make glaze samples using random pieces of clay that we texture and then paint. And someone got excited and drew Unicorns! Ashley, that was for you :)

Love, Sarai


Látika said...

I like your dreeesssssssssssss!!! juju

Te invito a que te pases por mi blog:
Y mi face:

Sarai and Nancy said...

Thank you so much! You're a sweetheart :)

Wen Chen said...

Second the first comment. I really like vintage kind of dresses as well. This one is very Urban Outfitters-ish. :)

Sarai and Nancy said...

Haha I love it too! I wish it was actually mine, but it's my friends :( I love it so much though! I'm pretty sure it's from forever 21

Harley said...

My advice? Go to college. And love every second of it. Date. Fall in love. Get your heart broken. Pull all nighters. Go dancing. Make music Videos. Oh and Don't be scared of RMs. Some are creepy... but they can be a lot of fun too. They get a bad rap, but if they are the right one and you're not ready they'll wait. Do anything and everything you want too. The only things you will regret are the things that you don't do, because in the end it is your experiences that make you stronger and help you figure out just exactly who you are.

heavy enough for you? MY ADVICE is don't listen to anyone. Just have a blast. and maybe do some hw while you're at it :D