Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not so New Hair

Hello friends! Sorry I haven't been around here for like a MONTH! Thank goodness Sarai can keep this thing going. But here is my new not so new hair! Sometimes I will catch my reflection in a window from far away and not recognize myself because of the bangs... Yes, this does make me feel really stupid but hey, it's a good story.
Anyway, things are crazy around here with work (i'm nanny. best job ever!) and crazy amounts of studying for IB testing (first test was today. i kicked that things butt!) so I can get freaking college credit. It might be a few more weeks until I start regularly posting again but there are hopefully some good things to come!
Just a little side note: that there below is a SUH-WEET! picture of my cousins (the two on the ends. Tyler and Alex) at Tyler's missionary farewell in Boise, ID. He's going to the Phillippines and will be speaking Tagalog (which i just recently learned how to pronounce right. it's like Ta-gol-ig). And Alex, yeah he wants to go to Columbia University which he'll totally get into because he's a genius and is already going there for some business school thing this summer for a  few weeks. Did I mention he's only a junior in high school? Yeah, genius.

Boise State Capital Building