Sunday, May 22, 2011

Someone Like You

That thing that looks suspiciously like a flower made out of hair? Yes, that is just my hair rolled into a little fluffy thing...

Outfit details:
Young Women's Medallion-earned ;)

Hat-borrowed from the drama department...
Wolf Shirt-thrifted
Maxi dress-Celeste

Pants-Forever 21
SHOES-Cutter :)

This week has been insane! My computer crashed due to nasty viruses, I wore those crazy ridiculous lovely shoes to SCHOOL, the school play ended (cue sniffles and tissues), I grabbed that perfect hat out of the costume room because I love it, and I earned my medallion!

So I kinda forgot how to do my hair like I did it in the first pictures...that was for church today, and for some reason, it just happened and I didn't pay attention to how I did it because I wasn't going to keep it that way! I curl my hair in sections sometimes, and when I pinned this section up haphazardly, I decided it looked cool in a vintagey way :)

And that lovely gold medallion? I earned it a while ago, but I just got it today at church :) I'm mighty happy!

I wore the shoes to school...surprisingly not painful :) And this is the hilarious conversation I overheard as I was walking to third period:

Girl 1: Wow, she's brave for wearing THOSE shoes
Girl 2: Just let her wear what she waaants GUURL!
Girl 1: I like her shoes! I'm just saying she's brave!

So awesome.

And the name of this post has to do with this song:

It's so beautiful, and whenever I hear it, I think of a certain person, and it gets me all nostalgic like! But that's okay :) What is romance for if not to teach us how to be happy?

Love, Sarai


Látika said...

what a beautiful hair!!!!!! i likeeee ittt , iwant it hahhahahhaha


Sarai and Nancy said...

Haha You have gorgeous hair too! :D

Jane said...

Such a cute idea! You should do a tutorial so I can try it when my hair gets a little longer :)

Thanks for stopping by our blog!


The Tame Lion said...

Natural, refreshing, stylish, groovy!

Haley K said...

LOVE the floral skirt Sarai! and your hair is fabulous :) i want to try it! You are one stylish chicita...looking gorgeous as ever :)

PS - thank you for your sweet comment :) 3 years flew by! and it's crazy to think it's been over 5 years since we were together in young womens with all the awesome 7th ward girlies :) Can you believe you're almost done!?

Ruby Girl said...

gorgeous print on that dress and oh my goodness i love those blue shoes!! <3

neon rose said...

love that lil fluffy thing which looks like a hair flower ;) following you.. follow me back?