Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Great Outdoors and Big City

I climbed underneath the bridge for this one :) rebel... haha

I really liked messing around with the effects on my new camera as you can tell :) I think there's only three colored pictures of this whole outing haha. Anyway, we went to Tryon State Park which surprisingly is only 15 minutes from downtown Portland. whaat?! That's why I love the Portland area. You're always close to anything outdoorsy so if you get sick of the hussle and bussle you can easily get away.
We took a ton of failed jumping pictures before we started. Some actually turned out but we just look retarded... haha
A few days after our little hiking adventure, my friend Emily and I went shopping in Ptown for stuff for our trips! Em is going to France and she leaves Sunday :( Sadly, we wont see eachother until Thanksgiving break so we're living it up now! Instead of getting gifts for our host families like we had planned we only got clothes of course haha
THIS BAG! We found it at Buffalo Exchange and it even has Emily's initials on it! I dubbed it the best find ever. And i'm super excited to wear my new shoes!


We got stuck in traffic so i took this picture while in the driver's seat... scary stuff! We weren't moving, i promise!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dates Are Fun :)

I have so much to say, but it's past midnight. So that will all wait until tomorrow....

Anyways, tonight I got the courage to ask a cute boy on a date...and he said yes :) So, not per my usual policy, we went to the dollar theater. I don't normally do theaters for dates, but it was fun, and we were already going to the movies, so I just invited him.

We saw Water for Elephants, and I loved it. Yes, I cringed during some scenes, and I had to cover his eyes ;) But overall, a really good movie in my personal followed the book really well too.

And did I mention he's cute? Cause he is :) And he's a really sweet guy, who paid for my ticket even though technically he could have assumed it was a group thing since there were so many people. I might have been the only one with a date...but no big deal ;)

And so here's a picture of my disgusting sweaty face after a night of walking to the theater, and back, and being yelled at by random cars who apparently don't like big groups of college students....k cool guys :P

There you have it folks. You'll know if there's a second date haha.

Love, Sarai

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Creepy Dogs and Crazy Chatrooms


Outfit Details: top F21 skinnies F21 shoes Gifted earrings Gifted creepy dog Our dear friends

However cute you may think little Skippy is, I tell you she's an alien! You can smell her from ten feet away(she stinks up EVERYTHING), she rubs her butt on the carpet, tries to be innappropriate with my dog, she won't sleep anywhere besides my bed, she can sit there licking one spot for hours, and she follows me EVERYWHERE! and if you know me, you'd know I absolutely loathe clinginess! Anyway, that's my little rant for the day...
So the other day we had a chatroom meet up session with the group that's going to Chile with me. Boy let me tell you, having ten people in one chatroom is madness! It's constant talking and asking questions and our poor mentor trying to answer all of them as quickly as possible. BUT our group seems really cool. We already have some inside jokes about this kid Nico and speedos...
We have less than a month til we leave and this week we got our flight itineraries! Crazy stuff man. Well i'm off to plan a hiking trip for tomorrow :)

Hasta luego!
p.s. At this precise moment Skippy is chewing on her leg... alien....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bonding Over Russian Literature

Outfit Details: shirt-Forever 21, Pants-Forever 21, Sandals-ditto..., Ring-Charlotte Russe

Yesterday was a wonderfully terrific day. I went to FHE, and there I met a girl named Brittni. I had admired Brittni's adorable clothes every time I saw her, and so I ventured to say hi. And when I said hi, and told her she had the cutest clothes, she just so happened to be talking to a boy named Trevor. Now once I complimented his wonderful Sperry's, I started listening to their conversation, and we began talking about Russian Literature. Specifically, Crime and Punishment. Turns out, he wants to be an English Major... what a coincidence, I'm obsessed with literature. And Brittni and Trevor both happen to love old movies as much as I do (cary grant anyone??), and we all love cool clothes, and are pretty crazy people haha. So we hung out, and bonded all night long, which was wonderful. I think I met my soul mates ;)
And Trevor also let me take a picture of him for this lil bloggy blog, cause he dresses pretty well, I must say.


His sperry's kill me every time

Love, Sarai

PS: I though I lost my peacock ring yesterday, and I seriously almost cried. AWFUL. Anyway, it was in my shirt...
Don't ask

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Lovin'

 Favorite Things About Summer So Far:
1. Lazy outfits with rockin' new shoes :)

2. Best friend vintage ring exchange with Hailey and Britta... There's a story that goes with this too! while we were shopping in Portland for our rings, we ran into AMANDA SEYFRIED!!! Crazy stuff I tell you! If you wanna know the whole story just ask. I'm too lazy right now. Just know, its the coolest thing of my life! 
This is my ring :)
3. My cousin's vineyard wedding!

4. All of the cousins and grandparents dancing together

My cousin's lovely booty shake
5. Sleep deprived mistake (aka mormon drunken mistake) at the grad party where I got a fake tattoo of a snake on my ankle without realizing that it looks ridiculous and doesn't come off for a while... 
6. Sweet notes from my closest friends
7. Best friend who's a boy staying after my grad party because I didn't want to be alone and playing with his freaking iPad!!  (i'm cherishing every moment we get because he's going to Nigeria for a year and will most likely leave while i'm in Chile *tear*)
8. Long phone call with my dear Sarai :) Our love knows no bounds!

I hope all of you are having great summers!

Hey Weirdo in the Grandma Skirt!

Outfit Details: Cardigan-Hollister :P Tank-forever 21, Skirt-thrifted, Shoes-Germany, Necklaces-Gifted/thrifted, belt-thrifted

So apparently, I'm one of two girls who own super-long skirts here at BYU. And the other girl had a maxi dress on, so I'm not sure if that counts. And I'm pretty sure my skirt was owned by a grandma before I bought it at Goodwill. Fantastic. But they dress cute here, for the most part, so it's all good. Otherwise we'd have an issue ;) Just kidding! Kinda..

Classes started today, and even though I met a cute RM in my anthro class, I'm probably stopping that before it even need to even pretend it's okay to get involved. It might work for some of you ladies, but for myself, I'm hoping I don't get married until my twenties. Eighteen is much too young for me :)

Today, I saw a girl who had the cutest outfit on. I pulled an awkward-fashion-blogger on her and asked to take her picture...luckily, she, Jamie, said yes!

The Pocketwatch necklace (I have one too!), the birdcage shirt, the black skinnies. And those shoes! you can't tell, but they're wedges actually. I'm in love with this outfit :) Thanks for letting me take your picture Jamie!

Love, Sarai

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Well Hello There Fellow Cougars.....

As you can see from this sequence of webcam photos, I am a high school graduate!
As of thursday the sixteenth that is! What day am I an official college student you ask? Why, the day after my high school graduation actually! That's stressful you say? Oh yes, yes it is....

I graduated at eight, got home at ten thirty. Packed/panicked until just past midnight, and woke up at three thirty to drag my suitcases downstairs to catch an early morning flight...So not the most pleasant morning of my life....

But BYU, is amazing....

See for yourself :)

This is my new favorite place <3

Shirt-forever 21, Dress-Michaela (who i love!), Shoes-forever 21, belt-thrifted! Bag-Peru, Ice cream-creamery :)

It's amazing! Being around so many people with the same standards, and learning so much, and the super-spiritual devotional, and everything. I'm loving every minute of it.

Ready for the story of why I decided to come here? It's simple really....

Three years ago, about, my brother went to BYU as a freshman. I was the exact of him in the aspect that I did not want to go to a typical LDS school. That was the opposite of what I wanted. I was banking on somewhere sophisticated, such as NYU, or FIDM....

But then we drove my brother to school. We walked onto the campus, and I felt an overwhelming feeling of comfort. I knew that it was where I wanted to be for the rest of my education. It was truly eye-opening.

And now it's my home :)

I've met some amazing people too! But I do miss my family. And Nancy. That's super-hard for both of us :( Love you besty!

And now, onto the important matter of, my shoes........

(photo credit: Michaela)

These shoes, I bought a few hours before graduation, when i fell in love! I went to go buy nude heels, and walked out with gold glittery stilettos....Please promise me they don't look like stripper shoes!

(Photo credit: Michaela)

I hope they bring you as much joy as they do me.....

And here's for a random picture of my crazy hair at the end of the day right before's another awkward webcam pic. Enjoy!

Love, Sarai

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wayne Garcia and I are Best big deal

Outfit details:
Necklace-Sis Mower
Earrings-random store in seaside
Shoes-BCBG from Cutter

I was almost late to seminary graduation. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, because it's seminary graduation....but I really hate being late for anything church-related that isn't actually seminary. Being late for that early-morning spiritual enlightenment has never really upset me, since I was literally late almost every single day last year....but the feeling of walking into the chapel late is so completely brutal :P
Luckily I wasn't late, and it was only awkward in the normal ways that a seminary graduation can be awkward. Which are, of course, a lot. It was still nice though :) I got a little booklet with my name, and some fancy signatures, and of course, I saw these shoes:

A girl in my stake, Rachel, is the proud owner of these orchid flower-adorned lovelies. I almost died when I saw them, because I genuinely feel that they are that perfect. I kind of fell in love :)
Speaking of Miss Rachel, she sang a song tonight at the commencement, and it was LOVELY! I didn't know she could sing, but it was so spiritual and beautiful...I was amazed and pleasantly surprised!

Also no big deal, Rachel and I are in the same dorm fall term at BYU! Exciting much? Creamery runs will be in order <3

And on to Wayne Garcia....
Yesterday my dad took me here:

To see the Timbers play the Colorado Rapids. So insanely and amazingly fun! I had never been to any kind of sports event, because to be honest, sports are NOT MY THING. But I thought it sounded fun, and when my dad asked me, I was game. We have a neighbor with season tickets, and apparently my dad worked something out, cause there we were! So great you guys :)
And then my dad tells me that TV news personality, Wayne Garcia, of channel twelve (I think) was sitting two rows ahead of us! Of course, many of you don't know who he worries though. He's actually the only news personality I really recognize
So my dad took my picture with him:

After I took a stalker picture of him of course. Don't judge me. He's a good sport, after all

So the rest is history!

Goofy smile ^

dad and I being strange..

the 107 section. die-hard fans who lead every cheer, sing every song, never sit down, and lose their voices after every game haha.
They let them in one hour and seven minutes before the game starts...I think it's so legit

And the players :) So wonderful
Kenny Cooper, number 33, got kicked in the head with a cleat...painful! but he kept on playing...what a trooper!

Love, Sarai

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Watch Me Sing My Heart Out....

This is a video of me singing last night at the singing competition...which I apparently didn't do so well in since I didn't make it through to the second round...
Thing is, you vote by putting money in a box, and I just don't have the richest friends....maybe I should've gone to skyview...

Anyways, I hope you enjoy that craziness right up there!!!

Also, I don't have my own outfit pictures today, but I have some of my darling friend Kimmy!!

Uh just saying, she's a hottie. Am I right? :)
Lovely Kimberly does not mind that I'm a major creeper who takes pictures a lot...doesn't care one bit!!!

Love, Sarai

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


THIS is what happens when two crazy best friends, just one week away from seperation, go to prom...

Jumping pictures are my favorite :) and now you see how small my ladies are.. haha


My Dress: H&M (BOOYAH!)
Shoes: F21
Sarai's Dress: Borrowed
Shoes: who knows?
Headband: Mine :)
Matching Necklaces: Sister Mower

This last weekend was prom for my school! Yes, it is really late. Considering graduation is next week... but HEY! why not put things off until the last minute? Anywhoo, Sarai came to my prom :) which we've been planning on happening since dinner at Macaroni Grill sophomore year, right before we went to see Phantom of the Opera. (Best night of my life!) So when this dream became a reality, I would say it was the best thing of my life! I was more excited to be with Sarai than my date (sorry! that's just the way it is right now but i was grateful I had a date) And that picture of the two of us is just fantastic! *said with a sarcastic grin* The photographer decided to take a random photo when we were telling our dates to get in the photo but i thought it was priceless besides the embarrassing aspects... 

And here's where all this began :)
Outside of the Kellar Auditorium waiting for Phantom to start