Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bonding Over Russian Literature

Outfit Details: shirt-Forever 21, Pants-Forever 21, Sandals-ditto..., Ring-Charlotte Russe

Yesterday was a wonderfully terrific day. I went to FHE, and there I met a girl named Brittni. I had admired Brittni's adorable clothes every time I saw her, and so I ventured to say hi. And when I said hi, and told her she had the cutest clothes, she just so happened to be talking to a boy named Trevor. Now once I complimented his wonderful Sperry's, I started listening to their conversation, and we began talking about Russian Literature. Specifically, Crime and Punishment. Turns out, he wants to be an English Major... what a coincidence, I'm obsessed with literature. And Brittni and Trevor both happen to love old movies as much as I do (cary grant anyone??), and we all love cool clothes, and are pretty crazy people haha. So we hung out, and bonded all night long, which was wonderful. I think I met my soul mates ;)
And Trevor also let me take a picture of him for this lil bloggy blog, cause he dresses pretty well, I must say.


His sperry's kill me every time

Love, Sarai

PS: I though I lost my peacock ring yesterday, and I seriously almost cried. AWFUL. Anyway, it was in my shirt...
Don't ask

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