Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Decade of Sleepovers

Outfit Details: Shirt-mine (Sarai), skirt-Nancy and her mom made it, belt-forever 21, Shoes-Nordstrom

Outfit Details: shirt-???, Skirt-thrifted, belt-thrifted, shoes-BCBG

The hilarious surprise waiting for us the next morning :)

Our tradition of having our intial Pancakes in the morning :)

Celeste's nutella drenched pancake

Orchid and Journal for Julia :)

Every year, Nancy, our bff Celeste, and I always have a sleepover at Julia Mower's house. She's a lady at our church who's children are all grown. It's our annual kick off to summer sleepover, and we've been doing every year since we were eight years old. Last night we dressed up (for the first time) and went to Red Robin. Food? Delicious. Way too huge of a serving though. I swear, my salad could have EASILY fed five people. Anyways...
Then we went back to Julia's house and she gave us the most beautiful necklaces as graduation/decade presents. I'll post a picture of them tomorrow, but they're best friend necklaces :) We now have a plan to wear them on graduation day. It made us all super-emotional though :( Julia has been such a wonderful example and friend to all of us, and not that this means we're stopping, but we've literally done this every single year since we were eight. Julia cried, I don't know if Nancy and Celeste did, but I know that I certainly did :( It was so sweet, but sad for all of us. And then we got extremely nostalgic...It was wonderful to say the least. I'm so grateful for her, and the friendship necklaces, and the years we've spent together. It's been a marvelous decade. This kinda feels like an anniversary..... *laugh*

Then after the crying we watched A Knight's Tale, and swooned over Heath Ledger (it was a dead-set plan, he was definitely going to be my husband...)
Which was quite nice :)

Then we slept

And in the morning, Julia made our pancakes! Every year, in the morning we wake up to a movie playing in the background, and Julia making pancakes for us. And our first pancake is ALWAYS our first initial. And then we gorge ourselves on the rest of the yummy pancakes :)

Then we went home :(

Another year over, but so many more to come! These ladies are so wonderful, I don't know how they do it.

Oh, and ten points to whoever knows which movie this comes from....

It's the movie that was playing this morning :)

Love, Sarai


Anonymous said...

aaah, you made me cry! Where did the journal come from? It's beautiful.

Wen Chen said...

Love the ballerina flats!
And you are so pretty.

Kaycie said...

Aw that sounds so fun! Nutella is incredible.

Sarai and Nancy said...

You guys are all so sweet! Thanks :)
ps-nutella is definitely amazing ;)