Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Great Outdoors and Big City

I climbed underneath the bridge for this one :) rebel... haha

I really liked messing around with the effects on my new camera as you can tell :) I think there's only three colored pictures of this whole outing haha. Anyway, we went to Tryon State Park which surprisingly is only 15 minutes from downtown Portland. whaat?! That's why I love the Portland area. You're always close to anything outdoorsy so if you get sick of the hussle and bussle you can easily get away.
We took a ton of failed jumping pictures before we started. Some actually turned out but we just look retarded... haha
A few days after our little hiking adventure, my friend Emily and I went shopping in Ptown for stuff for our trips! Em is going to France and she leaves Sunday :( Sadly, we wont see eachother until Thanksgiving break so we're living it up now! Instead of getting gifts for our host families like we had planned we only got clothes of course haha
THIS BAG! We found it at Buffalo Exchange and it even has Emily's initials on it! I dubbed it the best find ever. And i'm super excited to wear my new shoes!


We got stuck in traffic so i took this picture while in the driver's seat... scary stuff! We weren't moving, i promise!


Haley K said...

love BOTH of those finds!!! the bag and the shoes :) can't wait to see what you pair those lovely shoes with :) And it was GREAT seeing you Nancy!! Thanks again for being so sweet with Brooks while we went to the temple :) and I'm glad you went to sushi with us! love ya!

dear winsome said...

awesome pics, love the new camera! looks like so much fun!


kelley mackenzie said...

adorable blog! what a cute idea that you and your best friend post together :)