Monday, June 20, 2011

Hey Weirdo in the Grandma Skirt!

Outfit Details: Cardigan-Hollister :P Tank-forever 21, Skirt-thrifted, Shoes-Germany, Necklaces-Gifted/thrifted, belt-thrifted

So apparently, I'm one of two girls who own super-long skirts here at BYU. And the other girl had a maxi dress on, so I'm not sure if that counts. And I'm pretty sure my skirt was owned by a grandma before I bought it at Goodwill. Fantastic. But they dress cute here, for the most part, so it's all good. Otherwise we'd have an issue ;) Just kidding! Kinda..

Classes started today, and even though I met a cute RM in my anthro class, I'm probably stopping that before it even need to even pretend it's okay to get involved. It might work for some of you ladies, but for myself, I'm hoping I don't get married until my twenties. Eighteen is much too young for me :)

Today, I saw a girl who had the cutest outfit on. I pulled an awkward-fashion-blogger on her and asked to take her picture...luckily, she, Jamie, said yes!

The Pocketwatch necklace (I have one too!), the birdcage shirt, the black skinnies. And those shoes! you can't tell, but they're wedges actually. I'm in love with this outfit :) Thanks for letting me take your picture Jamie!

Love, Sarai


catalina wyatt said...

she's cute!

dear winsome said...

love the granny skirt, this outfit is adorable!!


Jamie said...

Your blog is adorable! Thanks for letting me be a part of it :)