Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Don't Think I'll Ever Stop Loving These Shoes

Outfit Details:
White tee-Forever 21
Skirt-I've had it so long that I don't remember haha
Friendship necklace-Sister Mower
Shoes-Ms Cutter

I got this outfit inspiration from this outfit:

I think I got the general idea down... but I don't have a lovely pink pleated skirt like this lady does, so alas I will have to acquire one...

It's been hot in Washington for the last few days. I mean we're known for our rain, but yesterday it was almost ninety degrees, and I was running around in  heels and a prom dress....Oh did I forget to mention that it was my friend's school's prom last night? It was mighty fun, and I met some very interesting people last night..I also got butt-bumped by a friend of mine who's 6' 4"....let me just say, when a six four guy butt-bumps a 5'1" girl, things get awkward real fast.... :P But it was still an enjoyable night. Oh, but can I just say, the most exciting thing about prom was the getting ready, and the dinner portion, rather than the actual dance? Cause the dance kinda was super-awkward, and the music was AWFUL. Not normal top forty stuff that I dislike strongly but can at least recognize, but weird creepy thug music that I think not a single soul was enjoying...

Very very interesting, to say the least.

Love, Sarai


Harley said...

AGGGGREEEEE. Getting fancy and eating are always soooo much better than the sweating dancing portion.

Meredith said...

haha! totally. not into crazy weird butt bumps either. super awkie.