Thursday, June 2, 2011

At Tiffany's, I Wished I Was Audrey Hepburn

But first, these are the pants that I refashioned! They weren't so attractive before, being flares, which looks awful on me. Now they're cute :) thanks to Lizzie of course!
I've only worn them a few times, but they will get way too much use this fall!
I have to come up with skinny cord outfits!

And of course, these adorable window displays at Tiffany's: made especially for hopeless romantics, such as myself

I'm also kind of in love with this ring <3

All adventures in the fabulous Portland!!

Now onto the awards!

So the top award is for Drama-Acting. I'm in the second column, although you obviously can't read my name. This award means a lot to me. I started doing drama last year, when I found random auditions for Romeo and Juliet at my school. I signed up on a whim, because though I loved acting, I honestly had little experience with it at that point. So I went to auditions. I tried out. I thought I'd be lucky to get a small role. But then--gasp--I could've sworn I was hyperventilating. I looked up and saw my name on the casting sheet, across from JULIET. I had gotten the starring role in my first high school production. Most amazing moment of my life! I have this idea that any actress should be able to say she was Juliet at some point ;)
Anyway, things took off from there--this year so far I've been Hermia in a midsummer night's dream, and Mrs. Webb in Our Town. Fantastic experiences duckys!

And the bottom one is the English Department Award
I'm pretty sure reading and writing are a huge part of my life, but I never realized how good I was at writing until last years english class with Mr. Petersen. That man gave me the condfidence to realize I was GOOD at writing. Or better than good. I was pretty amazing actually. Not to brag or anything, but English is my thing. It's the academic aspect that I somehow excel at.

Both of these awards were an honor :)

Oh and for fashion purposes...

These are my dream shoes. Anyone want to buy me some expensive shoes?

Have a wonderful day Duckys :)

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