Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm a Little Bit Nostalgic at the Moment....

This is my library. Okay okay, not technically my personal library, but literally the one I have been going to since I was just a wee one....
And it just closed :(
And I'm sure you noticed that on the sign it says, 'new library grand opening', but it won't be the same to me no matter what. See the new library, which is being filled as I type, is this massive glass structure, and it's amazing. It's truly an accomplishment, and I think we should be proud of it. But that doesn't mean it's my library anymore. Now it's someone else's library.
I think I'm just freaked out because I leave for college in a week and a half, and this place I've loved since I was a little kid is no longer a place that I can go. I feel like everything is changing at the same time, and it's just making me all dizzy and anxious. But I'm still excited for the future :) Of course.

Ohhh! Today was the rehearsal for 'Couve Idol' which is a singing competition for high schools in my area, and I got in again this year! Two years ago I got second place, and last year I kinda didn't get very far. It's a charity event where you put money in people's boxes to vote, and tomorrow is the actual event! I'm so excited, but mighty mighty nervous :P
I think these are the songs I'm singing:

Anyways, I hope I do okay tomorrow :) Wish me luck!

Love, Sarai

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thanks for sharing the musci!! i love them :)